On the 1st Day of Pose Method Running Tips…

On the 1st Day of Pose Method Running Tips...

My Pose Coach gave to me… Learning how to foot strike. 

There are 26 bones in the human foot and it can be broken down to heel (hind foot), midfoot and forefoot. In Pose Method Running, we are looking to land on our forefoot.

Heel Striking: Landing on your heel first

Midfoot Striking: Landing simultaneously and with equal weights on your heel and the ball of your foot.

Forefoot Landing: Landing on the balls of your feet

According to Dr. Romanov and “The Running Revolution,” the only NATURAL way of landing for a runner is forefoot landing.

Here are your drills to feel the forefoot landing:

  1. Take off your shoes. Go to a grassy field (NOT ON THE STREET or CONCRETE) and do 15-20 second running sprints. You automatically will not land on your heels or your midfoot. This is the natural way of running.
  2. Jump Rope Drills – You don’t need a jump rope. We are trying to feel the “Springiness” in our bounce. (More tomorrow) Keep your shoes on and start jumping up and down. Where do you jump? On your forefeet. Now, jump on your heels…YOU CRAZY Coach Jen…exactly, then why would you heel strike when you run?

Remember, working on your Pose Method Running, takes time. When you head out for a run, warm up by doing the jump rope drills. About 15 minutes into your run, find a grassy field and do 6-8 x Barefoot Runs that last:  15-: 20. You will automatically feel how you are landing on your forefoot. When you head back home, give me another: 15-: 20 seconds with shoes on, the way you felt on the grass.

See you tomorrow…

Disclaimer: All of this information would NOT be possible if it was not for Dr. Romanov and his AMAZING team at Pose Method Running. Check out the new book, “The Running Revolution.”