OK, I admit it…

As you know, I do love me some strength training for endurance athletes. I write about it. I have “Strength Classes for Endurance Athletes.” I give you all the  “Top 5 Strength Exercises for Triathletes.” I suggest different HIT workouts for you. Currently, I am working on getting my NSCA-CSCS Certification.  I guess you can say…I LOVE strength training for endurance athletes.

Why? Strength training and High Intensity Training (HIT) has taught me so much about myself as an athlete. It has taught me:

  1. To Push Pass My Limits
  2. To “grab” the water in the swim with my strong lats and core
  3. To push during a 40K TT because it will only hurt for 65 minutes
  4. To Run Up Hills
  5. To Suck it Up and #HTFU, there are people that CAN’T do this!

So, what I am about to admit is going to be tough…

I am having a really hard time lifting weights, as I am getting closer to Ironman Mont Tremblant on August 16th,. And here are my reasons why:

  1. I can’t lift the heavy weights that I used to lift. (#littlebiddyRulonweights)
  2. I would rather take the extra 90 minutes of resting, eating or working on the business than to take the time to head to the gym, warm up, lift weights, and cool down.
  3. I am nervous to do a “CrossFit” or “HIT” workout because I don’t want to go fast and injury myself.
  4. I am 6 weeks away from IMMT and I don’t want to FU&* it up!
  5. I know how crucial it is to get under the bar and work on core, so I really need to do something.

Yes, I admit this but this is what I know:

  1. Let the ego go. Yes, you can’t lift the weights that you used to but you sure can run a shit faster.
  2. Get to gym. Even it is getting under the bar for a set of 3 x 10 Back Squats, 3 x 10 Toes to Bar 3 x 10 Back Extensions and gut smashing.
  3. You don’t have to do a WOD or a HIT, 6 weeks out from your “A” race. It’s. OK!
  4. Yes, you are trying to get to Ironman Kona. You really don’t need to “FU&*” it up!
  5. Yes, you MUST do something with weights to be a overall solid athlete.

We all have different goals heading into our races. Some are to finish, some are just happy to be there, and others want to qualify for 70.3 World Championship or Ironman Kona and every one will have different goals when they lift weights as well.

You, as an athlete, have to decide which is BEST for you and YOUR goals. Not the gym goals, not your friends’ goal, not your sister’s goal but what YOU want to accomplish…I know what I want…do you?