#Triathletes, I Need Your Help for 2016!

As the 2015 Triathlon season is ending, I am very looking forward to the 2016 Triathlon season. I know there are many athletes feeling the same way!

I am very dedicated to my athletes that I coach, along with my team, #RulonRacing. I am also very dedicated to my business, Jen Rulon Coaching, and trying to give you all the best possible knowledge that I have through my website, my blogs, and my newsletters.

I need your help for a few things as I am preparing for 2016 for my website/blogs and my newsletters (Triathlon and Strength). I have THREE surveys that should ONLY take 5 – 7 minutes for all of them TOTAL.

  1. Blogs – Click HERE for the Blog Survey!
  2. Triathlon Training Newsletters – Click HERE for my Triathlon Training Newsletter Survey!
  3. Strength Training for Triathletes Newsletters – Click HERE for the Strength Training for Triathletes Newsletter!

If you could, PLEASE help me out any which way you can so I can reach my potential for 2016, as can you!

San Antonio Triathlon Strength Coach