Rulon Rules: Tips for Toeing the Start Line

You swim. You bike. You run. You lift.

Bam, you are ready to ROCK that race.

The gun goes off..

  • Ouch, you got slapped in the face at least 100 times.
  • Crap, you dropped your bike nutrition.
  • You have a terrible cramp during your run and you have to walk.

You cross that finish line. You look up. You think, “Crap, I did not do what I wanted to do. That sucked! I need to work HARDER!”

So, you go at it again….you swim, bike, run and lift and do MORE of it!

You are READY to rock that race again!

The gun goes off….

  • You get slapped in the face 50 times.
  • You got a flat.
  • You start walking right away going into the run.

You cross that finish line. You look up and you think, “Crap, I trained more. I spent more money on equipment and I even paid for a triathlon schedule online. How was my training worse?”

I can tell you why….click my link HERE.

Today, I talk to you about my “Rulon Rules: Tips for Toeing the Start Line.” I learned this concept WAY before I knew I even knew that I was doing it. It is pretty cool once you figure it out!

I guarantee it will make racing SO much easier!

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