Eating the Elephant in 2017!

As a coach, I have seen many success with athletes, who work their asses off to swim bike and run. Their training is SPOT on. They “crush” their workouts.

As a coach, I have seen those same athletes above, toe the line, and FALL APART during the race! Why do they fall apart? They are NOT mentally prepared!

Today, I chat with you about “Eating the Elephant.” Triathletes will HURT their own races because of their lack of mental training. I know some of you are heading to your first Ironman Triathlon or your 10th 70.3 Ironman Triathlon or your 1st sprint triathlon and this advice will help you in your triathlon journey.

Click on today’s video on the elephants butt below:

As a triathlon coach and an athlete, the swim, bike, run and lifting are the easy parts. It is learning how to get through the mental aspects of a triathlon, which can truly be challenging.

My goal is to get YOU to the next level of your training. Let me help you out today with that mental aspects by adding a few links: