Conquering Your PreRace Jitters

It is time. It is Race Week. You are at the venue and you are ready to “ROCK THE SHIT” out of your race. Let me break down your week for you.

You are TWO days from your Ironman Triathlon! 

You are excited, hanging at the Expo and grabbing your Ironman Branded Gear. You start hearing what people are saying about their training and how many miles they done. You head back to the hotel. You get your T1 and T2 gear ready. Bike is ready. You sit with more athletes at dinner. They talk about the “war” stories of how much training they did. They pull out their phone to look at their data. You observe.

You are ONE day from your Ironman Triathlon! 

You eat a LARGE breakfast and realize you have to start tapering your food today. You head down to the bike drop off with your bike and TI/T2 bag. You start hearing MORE people discuss their training. You head back to the hotel. You jump on your social media. You see EVERYONE talking about Ironman this and Ironman that. People keep talking about the weather. Is it wetsuit legal? What do you do?


Sound familiar? After dealing with many Pre Race Jitters myself, I present to you:

“Three Tips to Conquer Your PreRace Jitters”

1. Take some time to step away from people.

  • Yes, I said it. There are times that athletes and everyone are annoying as crap and just are pissing you off. It happens. People are excited, anxious, happy, and nervous but you don’t need to carry that negativity with you. Step away.
  • Take at least 10 – 30 minutes a day from Wednesday to Race Day with your own thoughts. If you need music and a book to help yourself, utilize that.
  • Race Day: You will head into the race with a much better attitude focusing on YOUR race and your abilities versus everyone and their mother!

2. Step off of social media the day before the race.

  • There is NO need for more noise and comparisons going on in your head and on social media. You deal with that enough and NOW social media is going to make it worse!
  • SHUT IT DOWN for 2 days! From the day before the race until you get to your condo/hotel AFTER your Ironman Triathlon, those messages of “HOW AMAZING” you are will still be there! Trust me!
  • Race Day: Aright, go ahead. Post a photo of ONE “It is Time” photo but that is it! Give your phone to someone and be done!

3. Let go of the self-doubt and find YOUR inner champion!

  • You have done the training. You have done the hard work. Do NOT compare your Ironman Journey with anyone else because this is YOUR journey and YOURS alone!
  • Start visualizing everything that is going to happen the day of your race. I want to hear positive thoughts but I want to also hear challenges that you may deal with and HOW you will handle it. Prepare mentally.
  • Race Day: YOU ARE READY. I believe in you! Now, it is time to believe in YOU!

Here was MY Ironman FL (2016) scenario: It was my 11th Ironman Triathlon and I traveled by myself. I went through these exact same things. There was a lot of noise when I was at the expo, dropping off the bags and the bike. I truly stepped away from the world for almost 48 hours, starting Thursday at 8pm to Saturday at almost 6pm. It was when I got back to the condo and looked at my phone AFTER the race. My phone was blowing up via text, phone calls, FB, IG, Twitter. I freaking placed 4th in my age group at Ironman FL. The elephant in the room was, “Did she qualify for Kona?” I did not but it didn’t matter at that time. I stepped away from a lot of noise and stayed grounded within myself.

Trust me, a lot of those pre race jitters are in your head and when you surround yourself with people feeling the same way, it is not helping. What I tell myself, as I head into my races these days,

“I will NOT fail, if I keep on trying.”

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Go get em’ Tiger!