And the Winner Is…

As you know, I have been plugging the Whoop device over the last 5 months, since I have been using it. The Whoop was so KIND to offer a FREE one to jump on my newsletter the last 5 weeks and I am SO excited to share this offer to one winner!

Not only did the Whoop jump on board to give away some goodies, First Endurance put together a FANTASTIC package for ANOTHER winner!

Last but not least, I had to throw a Rulon Racing goodie package in there as well! All winners will ALSO get a sample of Crotch Guard.

I know the suspense is killing you…right? So, here are your winners!

The Whoop – Cristina B

First Endurance Package – Ele

Rulon Racing Package – Paige B

I did a video for EACH winner, so you can see that it was VERY random. I will be reaching out to you all individually to get your snail mail address! Congrats to you ALL!!! Click each video to see the random drawing!

Another HUGE Thank you for Stratton Spine & Sport for being a part of this AMAZING giveaway and helping me with the FREE PDF that I sent you all!

Look for ANOTHER giveaway heading into August! If you are interested in The Whoop, I do have a $50 off code. Please reach out to me HERE!