August Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Brandi Shipman for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month! 

Where do I even began with Brandi. Brandi and I have known each other for years…maybe since 2000?

We started racing triathlons, seeing each other at races, chasing each other down and then developed a friendship. I really don’t know how it happened but it just did.

Brandi is one of those friends that just gets life, gets me and loves me for who I am.

This was a pretty easy vote for the Rulon Racing team! She KICKED ass at Ironman Lake Placid last month, along with kicking cancers ass.

People have asked me, “Do you coach, Brandi?” I did many many years ago but currently, no, I do not. Her coach is Zane Castro. Brandi also coaches triathletes and runners. So, why did I ask her on my team many years ago? Here are five reasons but I can guarantee I can provide a shit ton more for you…

1. Because I can.
2. She is a beautiful soul…inside and out.
3. She brings positive juju to not only me but the Rulon Racing team.
4. She is a women that brings me up and not puts me down.
5. She is my friend.

Here are the reasons why the Rulon Racing teammates nominated Brandi for August Athlete of the Month:

  • Training/kicking ass at an IM during the hottest part of the year
  • She didn’t just giddy up in Placid, she rocked the s*** out of it!
  • She did awesome at IM Lake Placid.
  • IMLP. ‘Nuff said.
  • Kicked Cancers Ass!

Congrats, Brandi! Well deserved!

What do you get as a Rulon Racer of the Month?

  • Bragging rights for August
  • A photo from Finisher Pix
  • Parking spot at the Rulon Racing home
  • A TON of love from us!