November Rulon Racing Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Kris Ryan for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month!

Kris and I connected as he reached out to me in March. He told me he CrossFit but really was looking to make a change and try a new goal, Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. “Sweet,” I say to him. He tells me, “I can’t really swim. It is not my strength.”  Alright, hold tight, Kris, I truly believe you can do this but it is going to take some work! And he DID!!! 

I would meet Kris a couple of times to watch him swim. He wasn’t HORRIBLE but he need to definitely work on form and that is what he did. Over the 7 months, I have NEVER seen someone work so hard with their schedule and such. I realize it, we all have VERY full lives but Kris was working for the City of San Antonio, doing run tours on weekend, coaching CrossFit and still getting in his training.

Something I have noticed with athletes over the last couple of years, those that are the “busiest” know how to get their workouts done with NO EXCUSES. I have seen doctors, lawyers, Mom, entrepreneurs learn how to #MSH and that is exactly what Kris did!

Here are the reasons why the Rulon Racing teammates nominated Kris for November Athlete of the Month:

  • Kris completed his first ever Ironman 70.3!
  • Struggled with his first triathlon ever but learned from it and took the bull by the horns!
  • It was his first half after a DNF last year and a flat tire on the course. He came in with a smile!

Congrats, Kris and well deserved!

What do you get as a Rulon Racer of the Month?

  • Bragging rights for November (BUT you have to share with Jill!
  • A photo from Finisher Pix
  • Parking spot at the Rulon Racing home :)
  • A TON of love from us on FaceBook and Instagram!!