October Rulon Racing Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Jill Corrigan for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month! 

Jill and I met WAY back to 2013. We were on the original group of Betty Design #BADASSISBEAUTIFUL group!

We became friends on Facebook through Betty Design Team and we stayed in touch over the last few years. Last year, she reached out to me, as she was really wanting to take her triathlon training to a new level. And honestly, that is why she is Octobers Fearless Athlete of the Month.

Not only has it been wonderful to coach Jill being in New Jersey but it has been even MORE special for me, as a friend. Thanks for being THAT athlete that I LOVE to coach but also being a friend!

Here are the reasons why the Rulon Racing teammates nominated Jill for October Athlete of the Month:

  • Jill ran a Sprint on Saturday and an Olympic on Sunday. Both races she had very good times.
  • She is being improving herself a lot and I know she is happy about it!
  • She is really improving over the last few months and have taken her athletics to a new level.

Congrats, Jill and well deserved!

What do you get as a Rulon Racer of the Month?

  • Bragging rights for November (Since October is done :))
  • A photo from Finisher Pix
  • Parking spot at the Rulon Racing home :)
  • A TON of love from us on FaceBook and Instagram!!