Find Your 😇 & 😈 On Race Day

And away we go. This weekend, we will see athletes lining up at the North America early season Ironman 70.3 Triathlons, either at Oceanside, California or Galveston, Texas. This is the exciting time for a lot of us. Not only as an athlete but also as a coach. As an athlete, I get to see where I am at for the season (even though I am not racing this weekend) but as a coach, I get to see where my athletes are at AND I get to see what we need to improve on over the next couple of months.

I wanted to share with you a post that I did and I chat about this a lot, “Who is Sitting on Your Shoulder?” We have many positives on our race course but we also have many negatives that we have to deal with! Tell me. Are you going to keep Positive Polly (Angel) or Negative Nancy (Devil) on your shoulder this weekend and  through out the 2018 Triathlon Season? You decide….