Fourth of July Workouts

As I was reviewing my blogs for the second quarter, I did a really good job of providing information to you all regarding nutrition, Being a Sherpa, Ironman Race Day Blues and Being a Vegan but I started thinking about actual workouts that can be given to triathletes.

To give a workout all depends on where you are in your training plan, blah, blah, blah. It is true BUT this week is 4th of July and I want you to have fun with your workouts. So, I am going to provided 4 workouts for you all and let’s see if you notice the theme behind it..


Swim Workout:

Swim 7 x 400 with :30 RI

Change up the 400’s with swim, drills, pull, paddles, different strokes, etc.

Bike Workout:
60 min -75 min Bike
15 warm Up
3-5 Rounds of 7:00 at Zone 3/4:00 at Zone 1
15 Cooldown

Run Workout:
45-60 min Run
15 warm up
7 x 4 at Zone 3/1:00 at Zone 1
10 Cooldown

HIIT Workout:
7 min AMRAP (At home, no equipment)
4 CurbJumps
1 Burpee
7 Squats
7 Push Ups
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

7 min AMRAP (At home, Box, KB or DB equipment)
4 Box Jumps
1 Burpee
7 Goblet Squats with KB or DB
7 Push Press (with KB each arm)
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

7 min AMRAP (At gym)
4 Box Jumps
1 Burpee
7 Front Squats with 65 lb/95 lbs (adjust as needed for Push Press)
7 Push Press (same bar as front squats)
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

Did you figure out the theme? Did you do one of these workouts or a couple? Which one did you do? Post below and let’s share the suffering together!