Top 5 Post of 2018

💥Happy New Year💥

I will keep this short as I want you to enjoy the rest of your week. I can guarantee that you are trying to get back in the swing of things with work, school and life!

Today, I will share with you the top blogs from 2018:

1. Updated 2018 “Top Five Strength Exercises for Triathletes”

2. Daily Life Of Ironman Sherpa 💃🏽

3. Your 5 Tips of Being An Ironman Sherpa 💥

4. “Rulon Rules” of Macronutrient Counting

5. 5 Tips to Lose Your Ironman Race Day Blues 👊🏼

I LOVE how it is all about my loves: Ironman Triathlon, Nutrition and Strength Training! Boy, if that doesn’t show what you all want then I don’t know what will.

Wait, yes I do! I will send out a 2019 Triathlon Survey next week to find out how I can help YOU with your goals in 2019!