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Eating the Elephant in 2017!

As a coach, I have seen many success with athletes, who work their asses off to swim bike and run. Their training is SPOT on. They “crush” their workouts. As a coach, I have seen those same athletes above, toe the line, and FALL APART during the race! Why do they fall apart? They are

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It is RACE WEEK Q & A – March 2017

We have races, races every where this weekend and I reached out to the Rulon Racing Team and asked them what questions did they have for me heading into race week. Thanks to Ilis and Fede for asking away!  Check out the vlog below and noticed I placed the times of what questions were asked,

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Rulon Rules: To the Whoop

As a triathlete or an athlete, have you ever wonder if you got your full amount of sleep? For example, you head to bed at 10:30. Light out at 11 and up at 6:00 am. Sweet, 7 hours of sleep! Think again. It has been over 1.5 months since I started using the Whoop and

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“Rulon Rules” to Romanian Deadlifts (RDL)

Today, let me give you my “Rulon Rules” to Romanain Deadlift. About a month ago, I chatted about deadlifts.  Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) are a great way to really work the posterior chain, which helps us to move propel forward. If we strengthen the posterior chain, this will help us to run faster, which is what

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Rulon Rules: Tips for Toeing the Start Line

You swim. You bike. You run. You lift. Bam, you are ready to ROCK that race. The gun goes off.. Ouch, you got slapped in the face at least 100 times. Crap, you dropped your bike nutrition. You have a terrible cramp during your run and you have to walk. You cross that finish line. You

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