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Day 3 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & The Triathlete

On the 3rd day of #RulonRules, Coach Jen gave to me: Add Dumbbell Rows to your routine What muscles will the dumbbell row strengthen? Trapezius Rhomboids Posterior Deltoid Teres minor Latissimus dorsi With this exercise, I have seen many athletes knock out pull ups, chin ups, and Toes 2 Bar. What other sport uses these

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Pull Up Triathlete

Day 2 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & The Triathlete

On the 2nd Day of #RulonRules, Coach Jen gave to me: Learn How to do a Strict Pull-Up   Either you LOVE pull-ups or you HATE pull-ups. I love strict pull-ups being used as part of the strength portion of your workout. Why? What muscles do swimmers use for the front crawl swim stroke? The

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Triathlon Strength Coach Speaker

Day 1 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & The Triathlete

On the 1st Day of #RulonRules, Coach Jen gave to me: Learn How to Squat Properly What’s not to love about the squat? You can do air squats, back squats, dumbbell squats, overhead squats, front squats, and goblet squats. There are endless kinds of squats. The squat is a full lower body exercise working the

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Periodization for Triathletes

Periodization has been around for ages, and it is a KEY to your success as a #Triathlete. This is how I coach. This is the ONLY way I will coach, as I want to PEAK you for your “A” race. It is very hard to program for an athlete who has too many races on

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Triathlete Magazine with Coach Jen

Super stoked to have the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing writers out there. One of them is Mackenzie Lobby Havey. We worked together on, and now we’ve had the opportunity to work together with Triathlete Magazine!  Click on the photo to read more! 

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