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Why Triathlons?

4 1/2 weeks out from Ironman Florida. How am I feeling? Pretty darn tired, but I should be tired. Regardless if it is your 1st Ironman or your 10th Ironman. So, what do you do to freshen things up with your Ironman training? Go for a trail run with your pup. Change up your run

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Triathletes are Lazy!

Let’s be real here…some #Ironman triathletes are lazy.  “What you talking about Willis? I swim, bike and run 140.6 miles.” Yes. I said it and this is why I say it because I hear this a lot: 1. I don’t want to do speed work. It hurts. 2. I don’t want to do interval work

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Recovery Week is Crucial!

Right now, I am coaching 6 athletes for triathlons. Three are getting ready for an Ironman and three are getting ready for 70.3 Ironman.  The three athletes that are getting ready for 70.3 Ironman are in  Recovery Week.   When I plan out workouts for my athletes, I use  “Periodization.” Here is your history lesson

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Jen Rulon

IM CDA 2014 (Brief) Blog

6 x Ironman Finisher. Who does that? Crazy ass people but there were over 2400 people that started Ironman Coeur d’Alene in Idaho! This is the Post Ironman Race Report but it is the Reader’s Digest version. I will break down the swim, bike and run on a different blog but I wanted to get

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How to Improve your Cycling… Indoors!

We are blessed in San Antonio to be cycling outside most of the year. Being from the Midwest, where winter is much colder than in San Antonio, I remember many rides on my trainer, rollers and spin class to maintain my cycling fitness before the triathlon season.  There are those colder and windy days, along

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