Starting May 1st…

Starting May 1st to May 5th, I will have “Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete” for sale. It will start at $.99 and go up to $9.99 by May 5th! So grab your copy TODAY and be educated on How to lift for the on season and the off season TODAY! Click “Strength” and it will take you right to Amazon!

If you bought the ebook already, let me know what you think below? Thoughts? Questions? I would LOVE to answer those questions for you! Don’t forget about the bonuses too!


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How to Program your Strength Training for YOUR On Season

Today, I chat with you about Strength Training & the Triathlete but during the “on season.” Some athletes will completely stop strength training during the on season but this is a big “No No” in my eyes. As a coach, I am trying to maintain that muscle for you all as LONG as I can. Basic exercise physiology will not allow you to MAX LIFT your weights along with PR-ing your Ironman Triathlon. (This needs to be another vlog or head HERE for my ebook for more information).

If you are interested in my ebook, you can head HERE but on May 1st for a limited time, the price will be $.99 and then will gradually go up and back to $9.99 on May 5th! Check it out TODAY!

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Join Me at the San Antonio Health & Wellness Expo!

Join me on June 17th at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, where I will speak about the “Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete.”

Click the video below to hear more about the expo!!


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My Strength is My Story with Jen Rulon

I had the privilege of doing a podcast with “My Strength is My Story” with Kristianne Wargo. I was truly inspired by the questions she asked me and how she really dug deep in my soul! It was probably one of my best podcasts yet! Enjoy!

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Conquering Your PreRace Jitters

It is time. It is Race Week. You are at the venue and you are ready to “ROCK THE SHIT” out of your race. Let me break down your week for you.

You are TWO days from your Ironman Triathlon! 

You are excited, hanging at the Expo and grabbing your Ironman Branded Gear. You start hearing what people are saying about their training and how many miles they done. You head back to the hotel. You get your T1 and T2 gear ready. Bike is ready. You sit with more athletes at dinner. They talk about the “war” stories of how much training they did. They pull out their phone to look at their data. You observe.

You are ONE day from your Ironman Triathlon! 

You eat a LARGE breakfast and realize you have to start tapering your food today. You head down to the bike drop off with your bike and TI/T2 bag. You start hearing MORE people discuss their training. You head back to the hotel. You jump on your social media. You see EVERYONE talking about Ironman this and Ironman that. People keep talking about the weather. Is it wetsuit legal? What do you do?


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