Day 9 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & The Triathlete

On the 9th day of Rulon Rules, Coach Jen gave to me:

Learn how to do Jump Rope Double Unders 

What are double unders, or the power jump?  It is two revolutions of the rope around the body in one jump. What I LOVE about the power jump is that NOT ONLY will it help you with your running, and gaining strength in your Achilles, but it will also help you with gaining some muscle elasticity. There are some things that you have to be mindful of when learning double unders; for example, doing too much, as this will cause some tenderness in the Achilles, so try really to build it up. If you want to watch something fun, check out this video from Buddy Lee, an Olympian Wrestler.

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Day 8 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & the Triathlete

On the 8th day of Rulon Rules, Coach Jen gave to me:

Get in a Flat Rubber Sole to lift! 

Sounds funny, right? You want the flattest shoe that you can imagine when you are lifting weights. I have seen some athletes wear no shoes at all. A flat rubber sole is the key to weight lifting, and this is where Chuck Converse come in. The flat sole allows the athlete to apply more force in the heel. I have seen some runners come into the gym with their Hoka One One on, and start lifting weights. I make them take off their running shoes. The gray ones are my staple in the gym:

Remember, the holidays are coming :) Hint, Hint: Amazon!

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Day 7 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & The Triathlete

On the 7th day of Rulon Rules, Coach Jen gave to me:

Learn How to do a Hollow Rock

Hollow Rocks will strength the rectus abdominis and some of your obliques. As triathletes, we can have weak core, so doing hollow rocks will help stability, flexibility, and injury prevention. It is considered an advanced move, so check out this great video by Carl Paloi who shows hollow rocks, but will also show a progression if you are not able to do the whole exercise.

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Day 6 of #RulonRules for Strength Training & the Triathlete

On the 6th day of Rulon Rules, Coach Jen gave to me:

Add High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to your routine

We love to swim, bike, and run and we do that quite often, and long, for that matter! What about adding an HIIT routine in the gym? You may have heard of a WOD (Workout of the Day). This is exactly that BUT, as triathletes, you don’t need to do a 20-30 minute HIIT or a WOD. I need you to go hard for only 10 – 12 minutes. Here is a great example of a workout you can do at home:

10:00 EMOM | 5 Air Squats |5 Burpees

An EMOM is every minute on the minute. For example, you do the 5 air squats and 5 burpees in that minute, and when you are done, you rest for the remaining minute. If you get done at 40 seconds, you rest for 20. If you get done at 50 seconds, you rest for 10. The purpose of this is to tap into the phosphogen system (anaerobic system). The body needs to go hard for those 30 – 40 seconds; it is like YOU are flying past your competition!!

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Day 5 of #RulonRules of Strength Training & the Triathlete

On the 5th day of #RulonRules, Coach Jen gave to me:

Learn How to do a Proper Deadlift

There are two types of deadlifts that I like to do as a triathlete: Regular deadlift, and Romanian Deadlift. Figure out which one works BEST for you, and make sure you do them right! I will explain briefly what the differences are:

Deadlifts – The athlete starts from the ground with the barbell. The barbell is lifted using the back, the hamstrings, and the glutes. When the deadlift gets pretty heavy, you will see athletes utilize their back more. I would prefer that the athlete utilize their hamstrings, as we don’t use those enough in the swim, bike, and run. Here is an example of Jen doing deadlifts.Jen Rulon

Romanian Deadlift – The athlete will start with the barbell from the hips, lowering the barbell slightly past the knees, as we don’t want to lower it all the way to the ground. That would be called a stiff-legged deadlift.  Romanian Deadlifts are great for the posterior chain, which consist of the hamstrings and gluteus. As triathletes, we have a weaker posterior chain, since we tend not to work the hamstrings or the gluteus muscles. We need to strengthen the posterior chain in the gym, versus on the bike or the run.

Make sure you have proper instructions for both of these exercises. Ask a professional! Weekly Vlogs will resume on December 21st.

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