Post Race IMMT Part I

I am excited. Like BEYOND excited with what I did on August 20th, 2017 at Ironman Mont Tremblant. I crossed the finish line to the “Race of my LIFE!” I did it. I fucking did it.

This Vlog talks about the swim to the bike at Ironman Mont Tremblant. Sit down. Grab your coffee or a glass of wine. This is a good one :)

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AFTER my EPIC Ironman Mont Tremblant Race

I did a FaceBook Live with Rulon Racing and I HAD to show the excitement. This is a raw and real video. I did not edit it. I did not add a filter. It is me after the race. Heck, I didn’t even shower yet! Enjoy!

Post IM Chat with Rulon Racing from Jen Rulon on Vimeo.

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Pre Race Thank You from Ironman Mont Tremblant

I will upload videos through out this week about my journey from Ironman Mont Tremblant and how I got that Kona slot. PS. I got 3rd in my age group and KICKED ASS!

Pre Race Ironman Mont Tremblant from Jen Rulon on Vimeo.

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Follow Us at Ironman Mont Tremblant

On Sunday, August 20th 2017, Chris and I will be attempting Ironman Mont Tremblant. This is the 2nd time we have done this race and absolutely LOVE the venue, the lake, the mountains and the people. This is truly an epic race!

My number is 465 and Chris’s number is 466. Click the photo below for the Ironman Live link.

PS. The internet is very slow up here (Sort of OK with that), so my video post won’t be available,like I thought I could do. Please head to my Instagram Stories for my daily fun! I am shutting down after Friday to get into the right mind set!

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“Data Driven” or “Heart Driven” Athlete?

This past week, I was in Boulder, CO at the Endurance Coaching Summit (ECS), that was put on by Training Peaks and USA Triathlon. I needed to get my CEC’s (Continuing Education Credits) for my USA Triathlon Level I and this knocks out 12 out of the 15 credits, I need to get every two years AND I was heading to Boulder, CO. Win. Win!

The conference was at the University of Colorado – Boulder. What an amazing venue, tons of coaches, along with Pro Athletes, Influencers and people wanting to learn about triathlon and how to improve as coaches, business owners and athletes.

The Man. Dave Scott. 6 x Ironman Triathlon World Champion. He was the first speaker and his talk really hit home.  He talked about technology now to technology back in the days that he won his Ironman Triathlons, especially his first Ironman Triathlon in 1980. Dave said this…

“The technology that I had in 1980 Ironman Triathlon was “Can I do this?”

Then, he pulled out his bike that he used for the 1980 Ironman Triathlon. No aerobars. No Power Meter. No Garmin, Polar or Tom Tom.

After Dave spoke, I took this thought with me throughout the whole conference and started thinking about my athletes, my coaching and my business as well.

During the conference, I learned about:

  • How to Grow a Racing Team
  • Strength Training & the Triathlete from a Strength & Conditioning Coach from UCB
  • Nutrition from the Gatorade Sports Institute
  • How to Grow my Coaching Business
  • Getting into the mind of athletes through Sports Psychology
  • How to Grow my Coaching Brand even more so!

As you can see, it was an AMAZING conference. As you know about conferences like this, you take in what you want to take in and how it applies to you and your business.

The final “Good Bye” was from the owner and co-founder of Training Peaks, Gear Fisher and Dirk Friel.

Gear’s talk was short and sweet but hit home and tied into Dave Scott’s talk very well. Gear said:

“The #1 need that a triathlete wants from their coach is feedback.”

As an athlete myself, I couldn’t agree with them more. I value the feedback that I receive from my coach.


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