“Rulon Rules” For Core Work

When people think about “core,” they will automatically think of sit ups but also think of rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques but there is SO much more to core then those abs.

Today let me give you my “Rulon Rules” to Doing Core Work. And we will talk about the core as a whole, different options of core work and some videos that may help you.

What muscles are we talking about when it comes to core? Let’s talk about a few of the important ones:


  • Rectus abdominis
  • External Oblique
  • Internal Oblique
  • Transversus abdominis
  • Serratus Anterior


  • Erector Spinae
  • Quadratus lumborum

When you think of the “core,” I want you to think your trunk. Take off your arms, legs and head and technically this is your core. You will see in the photo above that there is more than what I even talked about.

Recently, I have dealt with back injury and I have always gone with sit ups, toes to bar, or knees to elbows, but since the back injury was a little bit more aggressive, I realize I need to do alternative movements for now.  After working with Dr. JOHHNNNNYYY from Stratton Sport & Spine, I realized my new way of doing core work was crucial for not only more anterior but also my posterior chain!

Today, I want to share with you my NEW found “Rulon Rules to Core Work:”

1. Sit ups are not for everyone, as we are all in different movements of our lives. So what alternatives can you do for the anterior?

  1. Front Planks
  2. Side Planks
  3. Lying Leg Raises (Single leg is preferred if you are dealing with lower back issues)
  4. Dead Bugs (Alternating legs and arms)
  5. Hollow Rocks (See video below)

2. Let’s talk about the posterior part of our “core” and what exercises should be done:

  1. Hip Raises (Glute Bridge) with band
  2. Clam Shell with Band
  3. Superman
  4. Cobra
  5. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

3. Find out which of these exercises work for you! Remember everyone is different.

4. Another thing to recognize is that you need actually to engage your abs during exercise. Many people will perform ab exercises, but won’t actually be training their abs so much as their hips. The hip flexors can perform a very similar job to the abs by folding the body in half, but of course they don’t have quite the same visual appeal (if you ask most people).

5. Sorry, the burrito from Chipotle and the Hot Tamales (which I LOVE) are really not helping that wanted 6 pack. I have said it numerous times to athletes: “If you want a 6 pack, you need to start in the kitchen.” I wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room: Eating like SH$% will not help your 6 pack. This is a WHOLE other blog, but I just wanted to throw this out to you all.

Here is an example of Hollow Rocks, one of the many core exercises that you can do:

My goal is for you all to think about what needs to be done for your core, anterior and posterior, as with triathletes, we need both to be strong for that flip turn, aero position on the bike and maintaining our form on the run.

PS. Let me know if you are looking to see some videos or photos of the exercises from above. If so, I will put those exercises together via a video for you!

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #9

It was a short week since I took the weekend off from life and spent a little bit of time with the hubby in Vegas :) Enjoy this weeks!

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The Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

The end of the January, I jumped on FaceBook Live, which I am starting to do on a weekly basis. It was the end of the month, and I was getting all my social media together, such as Instagram, Facebook posts, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms out there. As I spent almost 90 minutes, organizing, posting, cleaning up photos, I just screamed!

Ninety freaking minutes on social media for almost 3 days of work. WTH!!!

I stepped away for a bit. Got my mind cleared and instead of “bitching” about social media, I started thinking about the positives of social media.

The LOVE with Social Media:

  1. Gathering Relationships – Isn’t it amazing how many people you connect with on social media. Then you head to an event and you FINALLY met after so many years! That is one of the best things about social media
  2. Finding Communities – The triathlon world is HUGE on social media BUT I am sure CrossFit, Zumba, Running, etc, you get my point. Connect with people that LOVE what you love to do. You all will have this amazing bond!
  3. Building your business – If you have an online business, brick and mortar business, soon to be actor/actress, etc, you need to be on social media ASAP. Even though you may have a brick and mortar, still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build your brand online.
  4. Building your Clientele – If you have an online business, brick and mortar business and you have clients to serve with either a product or a service. Get on social media NOW. Don’t oversell. Be you. Be your brand.
  5. Building your Tribe – Similar to finding the communities BUT what I love about building my brand on social media, I have found people that will also share my journey with me!

The HATE with Social Media:

  1. Time Suck – Look at my introduction from above. I was on social media for almost 90 minutes, as I was trying to put together my FB, Twitter and my Instagram, three accounts! It’s a lot. Put a timer on the phone and give yourself 30 minutes, morning, noon and night.  Found about an app from another triathlon coach: Quality Time App . (Android Only. I will look for an Apple One.)
  2. Fake News – Fake News. Fake Photos. Just too freaking much. What do I mean by “fake?” You know the set up camera, with someone drinking a shake? Or the awesome body, only to find out that they are “starving” themselves. I want to be inspired. Educate me. Let me laugh. Show me a GIF! Talk to me about something fun or what you been doing in your triathlon world, etc. But be real!
  3. NOT always raw and real – There are so many photos that show the “perfect” look, stride, non belly but in reality, there should be more of the raw and realness of a post. People want to be inspired by vulnerability, the rawness of a human being. A lot of people have the fear of being vulnerable. Trust me. You will get MAD PROPS from your followers for being raw and real!
  4. Crappy Photos – Instagram is all about the quality photos with a story. I do NOT want to see crappy photos. I will unfollow your ass. Plain and simple. I do not want to see a shit ton of selfie (I had to learn that myself…sorry!). Once again. I want to be inspired and motivated.
  5. Creepers! – Unfortunately they are out there. We have to deal with it or block their asses.

Check out my YouTube Video about “The Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media” that I did on FB Live and you will see the raw and realness of what I am talking about!

What do you LOVE about social media? What are your frustrations of social media? Comment below, as we all have to deal with them AND how do you deal with them?

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#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #8

Finally have a routine down to my #RulonTriTip of the Day. Here is the breakdown:

Mindset Monday | Triathlon Tuesday  | Winning Wednesday  | Triathlon Thursday 
Follow Friday | Strength Training Saturday | Surprise Sunday 

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Pumping Iron: To Improve Heart Function

Over the last two weeks, we chatted about the body and how to get ready for a triathlon, whether it is your first or your 50th. Then we chatted about the mind. Today, I wanted to chat about strength training BUT in a different view. When we think about strength training, we think of lifting heavy s$%t. Right?​

Today, I wanted to share my FIRST Chapter of  “Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete,” called “Pumping Iron: To Improve Heart Function.”

As triathletes, we tend to think that cardiovascular fitness is the way to improve heart function, and is one of the many reasons to do so. Research has shown that strength training also improves heart function.                                 

Some research has found that cardiac rehabilitation programs achieved some success, but, over the years, strength training has proven to be more of a success for all human beings.

In the article, “Strength Training for the Heart” by Cedric Bryant and James Peterson, the research stated how cardio exercise used to be the best way for cardiac rehabilitation programs to help their patients. Over time, rehabilitation programs started adding strength training. According to the article, strength training has been shown to raise HDL (good cholesterol), and to reduce the risk for a sudden heart attack. In addition it helps with decreasing musculoskeletal injuries by increasing the thickness and strength of bones, ligaments and tendons. In another research study that compared both strength training and endurance training versus just endurance training for congestive heart failure, it was found that having a combination of strength training and endurance training was superior than endurance training alone, as it improved “LV function, peak VO2 and strength parameters” for congestive heart failure patients (Delagardelle et al, 2002).

In another research study with Shaw (2006) the research talked about coronary artery disease (CAD) as a cause of death in South Africa and Western society, showing that obesity is one of the biggest factors for CAD. The research studied 28 men. There were two groups; one that did resistance training, and one that did not (control group). The study found “that resistance training significantly changed body mass, percentage of body fat, lean mass and fat mass” (Shaw, 2006). How does this help the heart? Resistance training improved major body composition, and helped decrease CAD risk.

As you can see, not only should triathletes commit to a strength training program to improve their heart function, everyone should be concentrating on strength training at least 2x a week for the heart, and to strengthen bones and connective tissues (i.e.  tendons and ligaments). Remember that the heart is a muscle; you are taking care of it when you are swimming, cycling, and running, and now you are taking care of it when you strength train.


Here is something FUN that I am doing. Interested in getting a copy of my “Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete” book for FREE?!?! Click HERE or the book below and all you have to do is pay for shipping! YEP! That is is :)


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