10 Strength Training Mistakes 🏋🏼

Wikipedia tells us that strength training, when performed properly, can “provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.” I call it the “Fountain of Youth.” Train correctly and you can expect bigger and stronger muscles, less fat, better joint function, and reduced potential for injuries of all kinds, as well as greater heart health.

However, to experience the benefits you need to do it the right way! I am a HUGE advocate of making sure you know what you are doing. Today, in no particular order, you will find the “10 Strength Training Mistakes 🏋🏼.” This is NOT only for triathletes and runners, but also for athletes that have been doing strength training for quite some time. And here we go with Dave Letterman’s version of

“Top 10 Strength Training Mistakes 🏋🏼”

10) Comparing Yourself to Others 

This is probably one of the biggest causes of injury in the gym. Whether weightlifting, strength training, or enjoying an aerobic workout, never compare yourself to anyone else. There are always going to be people who are bigger, stronger, and leaner than you are. No two people are identical, and when you start allowing someone else’s superior gene pool, diet, and workout program to affect your attitude and expectation of your personal results, you are headed down a path of endless frustration and injury.

As a triathlete, if you start comparing yourself to other athletes in the pool, the road, and the gym, this could cause injury.  For example, you need to develop and follow your own plan as a triathlete, and be proud of your efforts, because only you know what to expect from yourself. I tell my athletes, leave the EGO at the door! (more…)

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Life Lessons of an Athlete – July 6th

Here is Week # 5 of our Summer Series, “Life Lessons of an Athlete!”

Today, we chat about Chapter 5 of my book, “Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete.” Finding the Champion Status from Within…

Check out my TEDx Talk HERE!

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Fourth of July Workouts

As I was reviewing my blogs for the second quarter, I did a really good job of providing information to you all regarding nutrition, Being a Sherpa, Ironman Race Day Blues and Being a Vegan but I started thinking about actual workouts that can be given to triathletes.

To give a workout all depends on where you are in your training plan, blah, blah, blah. It is true BUT this week is 4th of July and I want you to have fun with your workouts. So, I am going to provided 4 workouts for you all and let’s see if you notice the theme behind it..


Swim Workout:

Swim 7 x 400 with :30 RI

Change up the 400’s with swim, drills, pull, paddles, different strokes, etc.

Bike Workout:
60 min -75 min Bike
15 warm Up
3-5 Rounds of 7:00 at Zone 3/4:00 at Zone 1
15 Cooldown

Run Workout:
45-60 min Run
15 warm up
7 x 4 at Zone 3/1:00 at Zone 1
10 Cooldown

HIIT Workout:
7 min AMRAP (At home, no equipment)
4 CurbJumps
1 Burpee
7 Squats
7 Push Ups
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

7 min AMRAP (At home, Box, KB or DB equipment)
4 Box Jumps
1 Burpee
7 Goblet Squats with KB or DB
7 Push Press (with KB each arm)
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

7 min AMRAP (At gym)
4 Box Jumps
1 Burpee
7 Front Squats with 65 lb/95 lbs (adjust as needed for Push Press)
7 Push Press (same bar as front squats)
6 Sit Ups/V Ups

Did you figure out the theme? Did you do one of these workouts or a couple? Which one did you do? Post below and let’s share the suffering together!




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Coffee with Katie Podcast!

Super excited for my friend, Katie Myers brand new podcast. I was the very first guest on her podcast and truly honored! Click the photo below and listen to my story of how I became a 13x Ironman Triathlete, business owner and USA Triathlon Level I Coach.

Click the photo below for “Jen Rulon: Life lessons of a 13x Ironman triathlete from Coffee with Katie Podcast”

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Life Lessons of an Athlete – June 27th

Let’s chat about “Control What You Can Control.” Chapter 5 in my “Life Lessons of an Athlete” Book.

Not only does it apply to racing but every day life. The weather. The traffic. What are you going to wear? How will you handle the wind?

A huge shout out to Mental Grit Consulting and Nathan Last for truly helping me get through some negativity from Sunday, as attitude is everything BUT I can tell you the wind is still going to be a bitch. I need to learn how to figure that shit out before #IMFL.

Please comment below if you have any tactics that you deal with when things are just not in your control!

This Week FB Live “Life Lessons of an Athlete” is on Friday, July 6th at 5pm CST!


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