Changes for 2018

On October 27th,  I announced some changes heading into the 2018 to the Rulon Racing Facebook Group. This was an ongoing thought process with Chris and I for awhile, even before Ironman Kona but I had to put it on the way side and let it come to me on my journey to the Ironman World Championship.  To be honest with you, it was a hard decision but I had to make some changes heading into the 2018 season.

The last 2.5 years with Rulon Racing, I had three goals:

  1. Chris and I race in the same kit.
  2. To build my brand, through Rulon Racing
  3. To gain clients from the Rulon Racing

I am proud to say that I have done all three of those goals.

As I started looking at my 2018 business goals for and Rulon Racing, I realized I needed to come up with new goals for Rulon Racing. Here they are:

  1. Chris and I race in the same kit.
  2. To grow and focus on my 1:1 Elite Coaching Clients
  3. To build #fearless athletes while crossing the finish line with a smile
  4. To build relationships with people and companies that I believe in for Rulon Racing

Moving forward to 2018, the athletes that will be on the Rulon Racing Team for 2018 will be the athletes that I coach.

I know this will affect people that I do not coach currently, or people who wanted to jump on board for 2018. Let me explain, that this has NOTHING to do with YOU! This is based on a decision for my business and how to grow beyond coaching.

I heard this analogy the other day from an athlete, ”You can’t play for the Green Bay Packers, if you are being coached from a coach of the Detroit Lions.”

With that said, if you are interested in being on the Rulon Racing team and you want to be coached by me, I have limited spaces available.

Please head HERE to apply for the Rulon Racing Team and I will reach out to you within a week to set up an interview!

As I always say to you all…My cup runneth over!

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November Rulon Racing Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Kris Ryan for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month!

Kris and I connected as he reached out to me in March. He told me he CrossFit but really was looking to make a change and try a new goal, Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. “Sweet,” I say to him. He tells me, “I can’t really swim. It is not my strength.”  Alright, hold tight, Kris, I truly believe you can do this but it is going to take some work! And he DID!!! 

I would meet Kris a couple of times to watch him swim. He wasn’t HORRIBLE but he need to definitely work on form and that is what he did. Over the 7 months, I have NEVER seen someone work so hard with their schedule and such. I realize it, we all have VERY full lives but Kris was working for the City of San Antonio, doing run tours on weekend, coaching CrossFit and still getting in his training.

Something I have noticed with athletes over the last couple of years, those that are the “busiest” know how to get their workouts done with NO EXCUSES. I have seen doctors, lawyers, Mom, entrepreneurs learn how to #MSH and that is exactly what Kris did!

Here are the reasons why the Rulon Racing teammates nominated Kris for November Athlete of the Month:

  • Kris completed his first ever Ironman 70.3!
  • Struggled with his first triathlon ever but learned from it and took the bull by the horns!
  • It was his first half after a DNF last year and a flat tire on the course. He came in with a smile!

Congrats, Kris and well deserved!

What do you get as a Rulon Racer of the Month?

  • Bragging rights for November (BUT you have to share with Jill!
  • A photo from Finisher Pix
  • Parking spot at the Rulon Racing home :)
  • A TON of love from us on FaceBook and Instagram!!




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October Rulon Racing Athlete of the Month

Congrats to Jill Corrigan for being the Rulon Racing Fearless Athlete of the Month! 

Jill and I met WAY back to 2013. We were on the original group of Betty Design #BADASSISBEAUTIFUL group!

We became friends on Facebook through Betty Design Team and we stayed in touch over the last few years. Last year, she reached out to me, as she was really wanting to take her triathlon training to a new level. And honestly, that is why she is Octobers Fearless Athlete of the Month.

Not only has it been wonderful to coach Jill being in New Jersey but it has been even MORE special for me, as a friend. Thanks for being THAT athlete that I LOVE to coach but also being a friend!

Here are the reasons why the Rulon Racing teammates nominated Jill for October Athlete of the Month:

  • Jill ran a Sprint on Saturday and an Olympic on Sunday. Both races she had very good times.
  • She is being improving herself a lot and I know she is happy about it!
  • She is really improving over the last few months and have taken her athletics to a new level.

Congrats, Jill and well deserved!

What do you get as a Rulon Racer of the Month?

  • Bragging rights for November (Since October is done :))
  • A photo from Finisher Pix
  • Parking spot at the Rulon Racing home :)
  • A TON of love from us on FaceBook and Instagram!!



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Five Ways to GET MO’ TIME with YOUR Triathlon Training

Over the last couple of weeks, I have reached out to my FaceBook Groups about triathlon training and what they need help with.

And this is what I heard:

  • I need more time
  • How do you “balance” it all
  • How do you organize training with life.

We ALL have the same hours in a day. There are plenty of people who not only will do Ironman Triathlons, work, family life and qualify for Kona but who are Stay at Home Moms, doctors, lawyers, night nurses and entrepreneurs. Guess what, I have coached all of those athletes, along with living with a lawyer.

The one thing that I am VERY good is structuring my life around triathlon training and today, I came up with five tips for you to “Get More Time” in your schedule for your triathlon training, whether you are getting ready for your Ironman Triathlon, Age Group Nationals or a Sprint Triathlon!

“How to Get More TIME with Triathlon Training”

1. Rest day is just that!

  • Rest day is a COMPLETE rest day. Put your feet up.
  • Your body is craving the rest, especially when you get closer to your Ironman. If you want to sit on the bed for 5 hours watching a movie, taking a nap and looking at your computer…IT IS OK!!!
  • Have kids? How a spouse? Adjust so you have down time to yourself. Here is an example: I have an athlete, who has two kids. I gave her Sunday off, to spend time with her family. She contacted me on Monday and said to me, “Why am I more tired from my “rest days” than not?” I said to her, “Two kids under 6…you are not even taking rest days!” We adjusted her day off to Thursday, when both kids are in school and daycare. She gets a day off, does stuff at home and take a nap.
  • Have things to do? Clean house, laundry, and lawn. (See #3)

2. Plan your weeks with a Calendar (iCal/Google) and a do a Weekly “Brain Dump”

  • iCal or Google Calendar will be the key to your success! You MUST plan your workouts. Check out my calendar.
  • I will plan almost everything via my calendar. Walk the dog. Personal appointments (eyebrows, hair cut, etc.) I will put my workouts in there as well. If I don’t…I may not get to it…I will be busy filling my time with other things.
  • Here is an example of a couple of weeks in July:

  • Brain Dump. Every Sunday, I will write out what I have to do for my business, my coaching, my workouts, home life, etc. I write down EVERYTHING! I go to bed on Sunday with a clear mind and I absolutely LOVE it! It is a must and even Chris knows when I am going to do my Brain Dump.

3. Hire People to Help You Out.

  • Plan a simple. Hire someone to clean your house. Do your lawn. Take your laundry to a laundromat. Yes, spend the money!
  • You spend how much $$ on your bike, clothing and food for Ironman Triathlon Training? You can spend extra for help.
  • Trust me…it is WAY WORTH IT!

4. Hire a Coach to Plan your Workouts

  • If you are self coached, good for you! Do you write out your plans on Sunday? By Thursday, you tend to move things around throughout the week according to your schedule and how you are feeling. By the end of the week, you have so many workouts to “make up” that you are overwhelmed and you want to sit and watch DVR of “Days of Our Lives?”
  • Yes, hire a coach. They will organize your workouts for your lifestyle (they should). They will keep you accountable! They will call you out if you are not getting workouts in (they should!).
  • Let the coaches do the guesswork of organizing your workouts around YOUR LIFE. Talk to them. Be open to them and tell them what your schedule looks like. That is what you pay them to do!
  • You spend how much $$ on your bike, clothing and food for Ironman Triathlon Training? Now it is time to hire a coach.

5. Listen to Your Body!

  • So crucial! Your body’s a temple. You must listen to what you are going through and what your body is craving.
  • If you are tired but every Saturday, you do your long bike at 8 am with the group…it is OK to sleep in and ride later!
  • You have a swim and a lift and you have to get them done back to back. That is OK but do your swim first, eat some protein/CHO (within 30 minutes) of your swim, you should be find for your lift.
  • For example: I had an athlete, who like clock work, will get up at 4:00 am to make sure she gets her workouts in before work. Sound wonderful right? She will do it regardless; even when she hasn’t gotten enough sleep. So how is that going to help her in the long run? She is pushing through lack of sleep and not getting quality to her workouts…just quantity. She is actually getting better.

Bonus Tip: Find out YOUR Why behind doing this triathlon training. I can tell you this, once you figured this out, it will make your life so much easier to get up at 5:00 am for specific workouts, to sleep in on Saturday and to hire someone to help you. It takes a Tribe to get to your goals. Utilize them!

As I said before, we all have the same number of hours in a day. I think the main lesson learned here is to find a Tribe to help you achieve your goals, whether it is a housekeeper, someone to mow the lawn, a community of AMAZING triathletes and yes, even a coach.

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Ironman Hawaii Post Race Vlog Part II

Super stoked to share the rest of my Ironman Hawaii Journey with you. It was truly magical, surreal, emotional, overwhelming…you name it! I hope you enjoy the “Rest of the Story…”


Enjoy the photos from the Ironman Triathlon World Championship!

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