Rulon Racing

Jeff Anderegg
2018 Race: Ironman Whistler
Jeff has jumped on board with my coaching for his first Ironman at Wisconsin in 2015, continued to do Ironman Texas and Ironman Arizona in 2016 and Ironman Wisconsin in 2017. He is an AMAZING Dad to Lillie and Adam and ironically his wife, Tamara and I went to school together since Junior High to College! She saved my ass in Chemistry!
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Adrian Dominguez
2018 Race: Ironman Florida
I met Adrian through Instagram and his wife, Raquel. I really was inspired by how Adrian got interested in triathlons through his wife and her journey. And now you see it on his face on how much he loves doing triathlons!
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Raquel Dominguez
2018 Race: Escape from Alcatraz
Raquel and I met on Instagram (Shocker!) I just absolutely loved everything about her. Her energy. Her positivity. Her NO BS attitude. Baby is due ANY day now and no excuse to exercise. I LOVE that about her. Welcome to the team!
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Erica Hurtubise
2018 Race: Ironman 70.3 Whistler
Erica and I met on Instagram. She applied to the team and I interviewed her. Her energy, her drive and her passion for triathlons but also her family was infectious!
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Tamela Jones
2018 Race: IMTX
Tamela and I connected on Instagram and FINALLY met at Ironman Texas in 2015. In 2016, Tamela caught me at the finish line to Ironman Florida. She was #mycatcher. After Tamela and I stayed in touch, Tamela's mission is to finish an @ironmantri and I said, "My goal is to get you crossing that finish line with a smile!"
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Liza Lam
2018 Race: Ironman Arizona
Liza and I met through a mutual friend and totally hit it off. I helped Liza get through two of her Ironman 70.3 Triathlons. She did Galveston and Lubbock last year and worked her way to Arizona for 2018. #Genius Not ONLY is Liza an amazing Mom and wife, friends, she is fucking funny! #justsayin
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Ela Matthews
2018 Race: Ironman Mont Tremblant
Ela and I met on Instagram (go figure). She reached out to me via email after she applied to be on the team. I had a great interview with her and right from the start, I had the good "juju" vibes. Positive. Vibrant. Go Getter. What more could you want a team?
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April Ancira Thompson
2018 Race: IMTX and IMLP
April and I connected actually on Twitter after I bought "Domino," my beautiful Jeep from Ancira. She tweeted. I tweeted. We connected as friends first. Then had coffee and then hired me in 2016. It seriously was the start of an AMAZING friendship. My cup runneth over...
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Ana Voss
2018 Race: IMTX and IMAZ
Ana and I started working together in 2014? I got Ana through her first three Ironman Triathlons and I always encourages athletes to go elsewhere if they need a break, need a different set of eyes or just not getting what they need from her coaching. When Ana reached out to me regarding coaching again, I wanted to make sure that she was good to race more than her two Ironman Triathlon this year and she was on board! Welcome back friend! Missed ya...
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What is the story behind the owl?

Chris Fritzsching (Jen’s brother) and Jen were talking about racing team names and he said…”What about “RuRu?” Jen laughed and told him, “People called me that at the gym.” Chris F. said, “There are two Rulons, so why not have “RuRu Racing.” We were curious if “ruru” meant anything. Come to find out, It is the name of a mopoke owl, from the Maori Mythology.

Now, what is the meaning behind an owl? Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight, and transition.

As Coach Jen was putting the branding together and organizing it all, she realized having “RuRu Racing” would be a little confusing with Jen Rulon Coaching.

So we kept the owl but decided to stay with #RulonRacing.
Since, Chris and Jen have been in the sport for 20+ years, we figured that we can offer a few things:

Our WISDOM through @coachjenrulon coaching.
Our FORESIGHT through our many years of racing.
To coach #triathletes through their own TRANSITION.

As a team, we can share each others wisdom, help each other with their transition and have the foresight of seeing each other fly on their race course!