Rulon Racing

Jeff Anderegg
2017 Race: Ironman Wisconsin
CONGRATS on being the January #FEARLESS Athlete of the Month! Most of Rulon Racing team made this comment for his nomination: For TOTALLY ROCKING IMAZ 2016. Jeff is a 3x Ironman Triathlete (WI, TX and AZ)
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Amy Burrell
2017 Race: 70.3 IM Panama City Beach
Amy reached out to me through Instagram. After talking with her, I knew she was a shoe in. Her drive to BETTER herself as a human being drove her to running and then triathlon. Ultimate goal: Ironman in 2017! I can't wait to see her grow!
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Jill Corrigan
2017 Race: Age Group Nationals
Jill and I met via Betty Designs. We were the OG's of the first official Betty Design team. We stayed in touch via Facebook and we developed a friendship. When she realized she wanted to "ROCK the SH%&" out of her racing, she jumped on board!
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Iliana DelValle
2017 Race: 70.3 IM Monterrey
Iliana and I met through Instagram! I coached her and Fede (Veracruz, Mexico) since Dec. 2014! She has grown SO MUCH as an athlete! The confidence is growing daily for her! I am truly honored to have her on the #FEARLESS Rulon Racing Team!
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Todd DiGrigoli
2017 Race: Lake Placid 70.3
This is Todd's 2nd year of being on Rulon Racing team. I have just loved supporting Todd this past year. He did his first Ironman at Lake Placid and had a stellar first race. Looking forward to his journey this year as he is becoming FASTER!!!
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Adrian Dominguez
2017 Race: Escape from Alcatraz
I met Adrian through Instagram and his wife, Raquel. I really was inspired by how Adrian got interested in triathlons through his wife and her journey. And now you see it on his face on how much he loves doing triathlons!
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Raquel Dominguez
2017 Race: Momma time
Raquel and I met on Instagram (Shocker!) I just absolutely loved everything about her. Her energy. Her positivity. Her NO BS attitude. Baby is due ANY day now and no excuse to exercise. I LOVE that about her. Welcome to the team!
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Annie Elmendorf
2017 Race: Being a Mommy!
Annie reached out to me over 2 years ago, telling me she wanted to do a 70.3 Ironman. She accomplished that. Next, an Ironman Triathlon! She ROCKED out IMCDA in 2015, with the crazy heat. She is a wife, BADA$$ Mommy of 2 kids and an adorable French BullDog.
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Stephanie Fishel
2017 Race: Kerrville Triathlon
Stephanie and I meet many years ago, maybe at Tri-Sition Area? She reached out to me to get her ready for IMTX. We started her in January, and I was a bit worried but she had a great base. What a difference! She TOTALLY rocked IMTX 2015! Love seeing her grown ever since.
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Linda Fusco
2017 Race: 70.3 IM Galveston
Linda and I met on the "circuit." I kept thinking...who is this hot, fast chick? I knew I needed to get to know her because she is pretty BADA$$. A mother of 4 crazy girls, a night nurse and a BodyBuilding Husband...yeah, she is pretty FEARLESS!
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Jon Gagnon
2017 Race: 70.3 Ironman Maine
Jon and I stared having a conversation via Instagram about 9/11. He lives in Boston. It is crazy how this world connects us. We shared what we heard, saw and felt. We stayed in contact ever since and he was inspired to do a triathlon. Guess what...his 1st one is in March!
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Lorena Garsed
2017 Race: Escape from Alcatraz
Lorena and I go way back. I coached her to her 1st Ironman Triathlon. She has helped me as a coach, an athlete and as a business owner. Lorena holds a special place in my heart.
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Erica Hurtubise
2017 Race: Ironman 70.3 Whistler
Erica and I met on Instagram. She applied to the team and I interviewed her. Her energy, her drive and her passion for triathlons but also her family was infectious! I was glad that she applied and hope to meet her in Austin!
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Liza Lam
2017 Race: 70.3 IM Galveston
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Federico Lopez
2017 Race: 70.3 IM Monterrey
Fede reached out to my via Instagram almost a year ago! I saw he and his friend, Ilis, making comments in Spanish on my posts. It has been an AMAZING friendship every since. I have seen Fede grow SO much as an athlete. He is FEARLESS and ready to ROCK in 2017!
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Ela Matthews
2017 Race: Ironman 70.3 Choo
Ela and I met on Instagram (go figure). She reached out to me via email after she applied to be on the team. I had a great interview with her and right from the start, I had the good "juju" vibes. Positive. Vibrant. Go Getter. What more could you want a team?
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Brandi Shipman
2017 Race: IM Lake Placid
Brandi and I have known each other for YEARS! Brandi is a TOTAL BADA$$. She fought Breast Cancer and kicked it to the curb. She has a HEART of gold. I can rely on Brandi with just a phone call away. We have been racing each other since 2002....#EEEKKK.
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April Ancira Thompson
2017 Race: IM TX
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Kris Ryan
2017 Race: IM 70.3 Austin

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