Annie Elmendorf

About Annie Elmendorf 

Where were you born? Carbondale, IL

Birthday: June 14th

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: So married

Kids? Pets? Max (7), Zoe (2) and Mina (French Bulldog)

Favorite TV show: We don’t have a TV, but I love Orange is the New Black, True Detective, Broad City (preferable binging while on the trainer)

Staple Foods: Justin’s vanilla almond butter, Mootopia, fresh pineapple, coffee, smoked salmon, any gummy

Favorite Music: Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Depeche Mode, old school rap and hip hop and whatever moves me at the moment

Favorite Vacation: Anywhere with my husband and no kids :)

Favorite Sports to watch: Hockey, baseball and curling :)

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: Triathlon, duh. :)

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: My family, baking, and exploring the world

What inspired you to do triathlons? Being pregnant with my daughter in 2011-2012, I found myself watching a lot of Ironman swim start and finish line videos on the internet. At that point, I didn’t think I would ever even consider doing an Ironman… but somehow you start doing this stuff and your perspective of your possible changes.

How did you start doing triathlons? With an incredible amount of support and love from my amazing husband. I could have had  all the motivation in the world, but as a mother of two,  running a fairly complicated household, it just wouldn’t have happened without Dirk’s support.

When was your first triathlon? Spa Girl Tri, Mother’s Day 2013, women’s only super sprint! 300m swim (in the lazy river at the JW Marriott), 10 mile bike, 2 mile run.

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