Brandi Shipman

About Brandi Shipman 

Where were you born? Mason City, Iowa

Birthday: August 10 Leo through and through

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: Single

Kids? Pets? No children and 3 cats. No I am not a crazy cat lady but an animal lover to the bone.

Favorite TV show: Depends on my mood. Some of my favorites are So You Think You Can Dance, Criminal Minds, NCIS, you get the picture.

Staple Foods: Nut butter! Avocados and quality proteins… greens if I have to (stomping feet and pouting)

Favorite Music: Rap hip hop. Anything that keeps me moving

Favorite Vacation: Any vacation that involves being active.

Favorite Sports to watch: I’d rather participate

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: Triathlon

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: Reading and Trail Running

What inspired you to do triathlons? I was inspired by a high schooler I was lifeguarding with one summer. I went to cheer her on and thought I wanted to try it out. HOOKED!

How did you start doing triathlons? See previous

When was your first triathlon? 1999- I think

What is your strength in a race? I am not sure I have a ”strength”:. I feel like I have made the most improvements on my run and am working on my bike.

What is your weakness in a race? The swim, dang it for not being on my high school, three time state champ, kick butt, swim team.

Favorite Race: Any race where I can participate, cheer on friends, and have a good time.

MY BHAG…Dream Race: IM New Zealand

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