Ela Matthews

About Ela Matthews 

Where were you born? London, UK

Birthday: August 17

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: In a long-term relationship

Kids? Pets? Not yet, I really want to get a cat.

Favorite TV show: The West Wing, or any Nordic crime drama.

Staple Foods: Sweet Potatoes, hummus, broccoli, dark chocolate.

Favorite Music: Oy, that’s hard. Probably still the Killers or Queen. The make me feel like a teenager again.

Favorite Vacation: Lake Powell, but really anything active.

Favorite Sports to watch: Rugby or ski movies.

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: swim, bike, run!

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: Healthy eating/cooking and the law…

What inspired you to do triathlons? The drive to learn something new and push myself doing something different.

How did you start doing triathlons? I entered the lottery for the NYC Tri and got accepted, the rest is history.

When was your first triathlon? July, 2016.

What is your strength in a race? I could keep going for ever.

What is your weakness in a race? I’m more of a tortoise than a hare…

Favorite Race: NYC Tri

Races for 2017:

  1. New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon – February
  2. IM 70.3 Chattanooga – May
  3. NYC Tri – July
  4. Vélo Birmingham Centuary – September
  5. A late season 70.3 (any recommendations? I’d love to go somewhere wild, maybe Croatia or Turkey…)


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