Jess Baerg

About Jess Baerg 

Where were you born? San Antonio

Birthday: 12/25

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: Single

Kids? Pets? No

TV show: Hmmmm… hard one…Once Upon a Time, Survivor, Top Chef, Chicago Fire, Modern Family

Staple Foods: Eggs, Bacon, Coffee, and Avocados

Favorite music: Anything with a good beat.

Favorite Vacation: Beach, mountains, anything active or being outside.

Sports to watch: Track, Running, Tennis and triathlon of course

Sports to play/do: Running, Triathlon

Interest outside the tri world: Being outside, I am a foodie so I love to find good fresh, local food, Hiking

What inspired you to do triathlons: Would watch Kona on TV and would tell myself that I wanted to try that cause I knew it would challenge me.

How did you start doing tri’s: I was doing marathons at the time and wanted to try something different. I was living in Iowa and was surrounded by triathletes. I thought, “I am a runner…I will try swimming.” I couldn’t even get across the pool! I can’t do this! I moved back to Texas and my sis and I were watching the Biggest Loser and they were doing a tri at that time; I turned to her and said…”Let’s do a tri, they can, we can too!” We did!

When was first: 2008 (I think) Austin Danskin Sprint triathlon. It took me over 33 min to do the 1/4 mile swim! It was over a year before I did another one

Strength: Run for sure!

Weakness: Swimming and nutrition

Favorite race: Ironman Maryland – probably cause it was my first Ironman!

Favorite for fun race: Disney! I did the Goofy Challenge!


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