Jon Gagnon

About Jon Gagnon

Where were you born? Salem Massachusetts 

Birthday: 8-13

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: very single

Kids? Pets? I have two boys, Evan who is 23 and Drew who is 18

Favorite TV show: Seinfeld

Staple Foods: Pizza pizza

Favorite Music: All music from gangsta rap to country to classical

Favorite Vacation: Golfing in ponta Vedra Beach Florida

Favorite Sports to watch: Golf, baseball, hockey, football.

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: Golf, swim, bike, run

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: Golf, baseball and photography.

What inspired you to do triathlons? Jen Rulon

How did you start doing triathlons? Jen and I met after I posted a picture on September 11, two years ago. And we formed a friendship which I became interested in triathlons at that point.

When was your first triathlon? March 12, 2017 in Sarasota Florida

What is your strength in a race? Bike

What is your weakness in a race? Swimming

Favorite Race: Very much looking forward to the Cohasset triathlon on June 25, 2017 and (possibly) Ironman Maine 70.3 on August 25, 2017

Races for 2017:

1. Sarasota Bradington Sprint Triathlon on March 12

2. Cohasset Sprint Triathlon on June 25

3. Boston’s run to remember, half marathon on May 28

4. Ironman Maine 70.3 on August 25 (possibly)

5. The Boston Athletic Association 5K on April 15. Two days before the Boston Marathon

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