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How to Use the Mind in Triathlon Training and Racing #1

As a coach, I see athletes build their strength physically through swimming, biking, running, and lifting. How often do YOU as an athlete start building your mind for a better race? As a coach, I think a lot of athletes lose their strength from a mental standpoint.  For example, you may hear athletes talk about

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What is Your A Race?

As athletes, we are always striving to be our best. We look at our 5k times, half-marathon times, and Ironman times and are always thinking, how can I improve? How can I get faster? Do I need a new bike? New shoes? And as athletes, some of us want that quick fix. While the quick

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Triathletes, Here to Help You Out in 2016 – Vlog #8

Don’t forget about your “Easy Days.” Make them EASY!! Hard days are hard days! This is how you will improve your runs over time!! Enjoy! Interested in Jen Rulon Coaching Triathlon Newsletters, which are bi-weekly now? Click the photo BELOW!

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Triathletes, Want to Get Faster? Time to Work Out at Home! #3

As triathletes, we swim, bike, and run. So it can be really hard to get a lift in. Right? It can be a lot to do, along with taking care of the family, the house, etc. So, I wanted to help you out so that you can’t make excuses for why you can’t do a

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TEDx Talk at Texas Women’s University

About 8 months ago I told someone that I wanted to do a TEDx Talk. Well snap! Look what we have here. My cup runneth over. March 4th! Click the photo to watch the TEDx Talk!!!

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