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Do You Want to Get Faster and Stronger, Triathletes?

Triathletes are lazy! What? Yes, we tend to get in the grind of long, slow distance workouts, and tend not to get into our phosphagen energy (i.e.: anaerobic) system, which is engaged when doing maximum intensity for 3-30 seconds. Why should triathletes get into the phosphagen energy system if we are running in the aerobic

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TOP 5 Strength Exercises for Triathletes

People ask me all the time what are the best exercises for triathletes in the gym?  I came up with my:  “Top 5 Strength Exercises for Triathletes”  Squats Romanian Deadlift Pull-ups Push Press Hollow Rocks Why do I suggest these 5 exercises for a triathlete? A triathlete has a good cardio foundation, but building a solid

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Day 12: How to Structure Life with Ironman Triathlon Training

Today is the last day of the series. It is definitely a little bit longer than what I normally do for a series, but I had to go with the holiday theme: “12 Day of­­­­____.” I do it every year! Once again, THANK YOU for taking this journey with me. I truly am blessed and

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A Better Way to Train for an Ironman Triathlon!

There are 1000 ways to train for an Ironman, so what I am about to write is my opinion, but I have seen the same type of thought process from many other coaches.  What type of long distance training do you see when we are training for an Ironman? Long ride on Saturday. Long run

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Day 11 – How to Structure Life with Ironman Triathlon Training

I hope you have enjoyed the journey so far, as we are almost done. I would LOVE feedback, so please shoot me an email HERE. Give me the good, the bad and the ugly :) Day 11 is a very simple day and VERY easy thing to do! See below….

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