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Learning from a Sprinter

LSD: LONG. SLOW. DISTANCE. workouts. Yep, that is what triathletes, especially Ironman Triathletes do: We swim long, we bike long, and we run long, but over the last few years as a coach and an athlete, I started re-thinking my thought process on this. I have been doing strength workouts, power movements, and explosive movements,

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Triathletes, Here to Help You Out in 2016 – Vlog #18

1.5 weeks from Ironman Texas. This is what you need to do before you hit “Send,” to sign up for an Ironman Triathlon:   Interested in next week’s Ironman Texas Webinar? Sign up TODAY. Click the photo below. Space is very limited!

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Less than 2 Weeks to IMTX!

Sometimes training for an Ironman Triathlon is AWESOME. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes, you just want it to be over. Sometimes you just want to sleep until race day. Today was that day!

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Triathletes, Here to Help You Out in 2016 – Vlog #17

Today, I am 2.5 weeks away from Ironman Texas. I talked about how I am feeling and how you may be feeling if you are doing it as well, along with the breakdown of nutrition on the bike, and how I take care of my 112 miles! Sign up below by hitting my hat to

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Triathletes, Bike Parts, Running Shoes – Earth Day

Last week, I chatted about how we can take care of Mother Earth. Not ONLY on April 22nd BUT every day of the year. As triathletes, we have so much equipment, clothing, etc., that we can re-use and recycle, that we truly need to think of what we are doing to help our Mother Earth. Check out

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