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Triathlon Strength Coach

Cycling and Strength Training

A couple of years ago, I was asked to coach a group of cyclist, who are pretty aggressive roadies. They raced on Tuesday, raced in Austin on Thursday and race on the weekend. They didn’t ask me to coach them for their cycle training. They asked me to coach them for their… STRENGTH TRAINING!!! As I started

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30 Days to #IMFL

I am fired up. I am 30 days away from IMFL. Yes, I admit it. Last week was a tough week but I have done a few things different this week and I truly feel that this will help…enjoy this weeks video! Hint: Less is More! Let this video FIRE you up…

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5.5 Weeks to #IMFL

UGH…not only am I 5.5 weeks from Ironman Florida but I am also just 6.5 weeks from Ironman Mont Tremblant. No, I did not plan this set up. Check out the story and how I am managing to get through the grind… “Here I go again on my own….going down the lonely road I ever

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Top 5 Tips for Parents to Choose a Healthy Lifestyle by Filipe Dabovic

Note from Coach Jen: Filipe and I connect on Instagram and I absolutely LOVE his attitude towards his Ironman journey. Raising a family, working full-time and being a husband takes a lot from you BUT I love what Filipe talks about below. Kids watch their parents. They follow them. They are inspired by them. Check out

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10 Weeks from #IMFL….A New Hashtag

I have had the hashtag: #kona2015 for almost 2 years now and I realized in the pool today…it was time to change it… I present to you…

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