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I am still on Cloud 9 from my Ironman Florida performance on Saturday. In today’s “vlog,” I chat with you about the race and the break down of what was going on in my head, body and soul :) I PR’d by almost 20 minutes! Love. Absolutely LOVE Stevie and this song has been in

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IMFL Race Day

It is time….My number is 735 and Chris is 739.¬†Follow us on Ironman Live! I am so excited and very blessed to start my 9th Ironman Triathlon! Please send us good thoughts as I have two athletes, Caroline (#1613) and Jess (#1333) here as well!

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Day Before #IMFL

One sleep to Ironman Florida. This will be an attempt to my 9th Ironman Triathlon. I am so very blessed as I take this journey. I would like to THANK the Glorious God, who has given me a gift. A gift of being able to compete at the level that I can. My cup runneth

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2 Days to #IMFL

Good Morning from beautiful Panama City Beach, FL. The home of Ironman Florida. Here is my Vlog for the day!

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Ironman FL Cheat Sheet

I have done Ironman FL, 3x’s, I figured I needed to give you the deets for Ironman FL. Now, they did change the bike course but it is for the BETTER! I promise you this! I have not been on the new bike course but I am ecstatic that they changed it! Click HERE to

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