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The “Old/New/Old” Way of Race Day Nutrition

Race day is around the corner. It may be your first Ironman Triathlon or your 6th Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. You are STOKED. You have done the training. You have put the time and effort in the pool, on the road and in the running shoes. #BAM, you got this! It’s RACE DAY! Gun goes off.

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Welcome to Rulon Racing!!!

My cup runneth over….you have heard me say that a lot this season but it truly is.  I was so honored to have people reach out to me, asking questions and applying for the team! I had an opportunity to chat with everyone for about 15 – 20 minutes and just talk about life, triathlon

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5.5 Weeks to #IMFL

UGH…not only am I 5.5 weeks from Ironman Florida but I am also just 6.5 weeks from Ironman Mont Tremblant. No, I did not plan this set up. Check out the story and how I am managing to get through the grind… “Here I go again on my own….going down the lonely road I ever

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11 Weeks from #IMFL

11 Weeks from Ironman Florida but still LOVING and ENJOYING the fruits of my labor with #IMMT. So, when the heck do I take off this blue band?

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5 days after #IMMT

And 11 weeks from #IMFL…here are my thoughts going into IM Florida. Follow me as I attempt my 9th Ironman Triathlon!

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