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Changing the Negative Self-Talk as Athletes

What is Self-Talk? Do you know that inner voice that always seems to be going? It is constantly “telling” you what you should do, what you might do, and reflecting on things you have already done. It evaluates what you do while you’re doing it, providing opinions and suggesting possible ramifications and outcomes. This is

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Jen Rulon Speaker Triathlon Strength Coach

Strength Training the Mind

Definition of STRENGTH: The quality or state of being strong: Capacity for exertion or endurance. (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/strength) As I program Strength Training for Triathletes and talk about strength training for triathletes,  you realize how much I LOVE STRENGTH and what it does for the human body. As a coach, when I have given my athletes a strength program specific

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Pool WOD’s Part Deux

It’s the summer. You swim. You work out. You combine the two and you get some “Pool WOD’s.” Putting together pool WOD’s actually helped me find out a little more who I am as a business owner, and was the most satisfying group workout I’ve done. Today, I give you three Pool WOD’s by Coach

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Why I LOVE the Sport of Triathlon

Yesterday, Chris and I did the Marble Falls Triathlon in Marble Falls, Texas, about 90 minutes north of San Antonio. It is on the Colorado River amongst hills and of course, Texas in July: Humidity! It is a perfect getaway from the city life. It is perfect! The race consisted of two options: Sprint Triathlon

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Top Ten Strength Training Mistakes for Triathletes #4 and #3

Wikipedia tells us that strength training, when performed properly, can “provide significant functional benefits and improvement in overall health and well-being.” I call it the “Fountain of Youth.” Train correctly and you can expect bigger and stronger muscles, less fat, better joint function, and reduced potential for injuries of all kinds, as well as greater

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