Triathlon Training Plan

1:1 Fearless Triathlon Training
per month
Educate. Motivate. Empower.
Premium Training Peaks (Paid by Coach).
Unlimited email/text support.
Chat with Coach 2 x’s a month + Zoom Hangout with Rulon Racing/Month
Customized Weekly Training Plans (Working with your short and long term goals, current volume and workload, age, etc.)
Detailed Daily Workouts (Goal for the day, Pace, Zones, RI (Rest Intervals)
Training Pace, Power and Zone Adjustments through Benchmark Workouts (1000 meter swim, 40K TT and 5/10k run)
Plan Adjustments due to schedule changes, injury and travel.
Initial Consult via Zoom or Face to Face (in SAT) to discuss goals and background, etc.
Review Training Session and offer Feedback
Email Access to Coach
Texting Access to Coach
Private FaceBook Group
Rulon Racing Instagram Page
Athlete will schedule a phone call through Coach Jen via 10 to 8 (2 x’s a month. 6 weeks out from major race, weekly phone call)
Individual 1:1 Sessions (San Antonio Area Only). Additional Payment.
Additional sessions are $125/hour.
I will look at either swim, bike, run or how you move in a gym!)
“Pro Deal” with Some AMAZING Brands!
IronZen Course (IM ONLY)
6 Month Minimum Commitment Term
Contact Coach Jen

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