70.3 IM BSLT Race Report and Triathlon Tips!

I absolutely love 70.3 IM Buffalo Springs Lake, probably because it was my first 70.3 IM. I think you always love your first, even though it was tough as nails. Check out my post about my break down of the good, the bad and the ugly for 70.3 IM Lubbock. We keep going back. It’s a fantastic race. I highly recommend it.

Friday and Saturday was a whirlwind of “Gorgeous Chaos,” as my Women’s Entrepreneur group, Savor the Success calls it. Click on the days for that journey.

Sunday Race Morning 

Race Morning: Since I have been doing this for a while, I have a routine but no need to spare you with the details. (Another blog, if interested). Getting to transition early is not one of my strongest points though BUT Chris helps me getting out the door.  The parking out at Buffalo Springs Lake can get pretty crowded and if you get there late, you will be rushing to get all your stuff set up. You don’t need that added stress when it comes to getting ready to race for a half Ironman!

Pre Race: I plug the earphones in and listen to my “Pre Race 2015” playlist and get everything ready. I walk from the swim exit to my bike. I count how many racks there are and if there are any trees near by. Then I walk from my bike-to-bike exit. Then bike entrance to drop off my bike and then figure out where I go to run. I have seen so many people NOT do that and then they are running around looking for their bike and running things! Chris and I head down to the swim start. Say a prayer. Zip up the wetsuits and off we go.

 Triathlon Tip #1: Count racks. Look for trees or a garbage can for your transition set up. It will be much easier during the race.

Swim: I got in the front for the swim. I did two dolphin dives and got to swimming. This was the first time that I truly remember in a swim that I really pushed it. I had to stop and tread water to clear the goggles. They got foggy and for the first 300, I really couldn’t see. On the swim, I listened to my breathing and how I was a little bit more winded than I thought but I felt really good. I knew I could push because I seriously was not kicking. I was using my core, my lats and my traps! Thanks to Susan Ingraham and MOST group!

Swim Time: 34:50.

T1: 2:26 (Not my strongest suit!)

Triathlon Tip #2: If you want to get better in the swim, join a Masters Program!

Bike: Thank GOD for a Power Meter. Brandon and I chatted about the race and he told me to be between 160-180 for my watt numbers. Oh snap…that’s aggressive but I can do it. BSLT has crazy ass canyons that you have to climb out of but you get to ride down! I kept pretty darn consistent with my power 160-170 for the flats but about 180 as I was heading up the hills. I knew I could hold 170 for most of my ride but I knew I had to be smart to save myself for the run. I remember one girl in my age group, riding pass me but I had to ride my own race. At one point during the flat part, I realized I was “slacking” and stepped it up. I was very happy with my bike.

Bike Time: 2:53:06, Average Power: 160. Average Cadence: 90. IF: .83 (For you data geeks out there!)

T2: 3:19 (Seriously had to go to the bathroom and not wanting to pee on myself today.)

Triathlon Tip #3: Get a Power Meter. Yes, it’s expensive but if you want to save yourself for the run and have a decent run. DO IT!

Run: Love. Love. Love the run! They did end up changing the course BUT they did not take out the hardest hill out there. They did take out the “Energy Lab II” and that makes me very sad :( Started off a bit faster than I planned, since I was trying to stay up with this one girl. I told myself to “slow” down a bit. I knew my friend, Linda, was behind me, who is a very good runner! I wanted to stay ahead of her. Thanks for the push Linda! My friend, Joni, caught me and she is a solid athlete. I saw a woman in my age group and passed her at the top of the hill and then just pushed down that hill. I saw Joni at the other turn around and she said to me, “Rulon, get your ass in gear!” OK, she is right. I have to freaking get my ass in gear. I shut the mind off and off I went. I finally caught Joni at mile 10 and I said to her, “You told me to get my ass in gear, so I did.” She said, “Go get em.” Then I saw another girl in my age group, which passed me on the bike. I thought, “Oh snap.” We were heading up the 11-12% grade hill and we saw each other at the “turn around” as we headed back down the hill. This is something that I learned in Pose Running. It’s a hill. LET GO and I did. I passed this girl on the hill and I knew I had to stay ahead of her. At mile 12, I thought…”Ugh, this hurt. My body is about to shut down. I have to go to the bathroom.” Then I re-thought everything…” Get your ass in gear. Suck it up. You are doing this because you can. Turn off your “Mind Switch” and GO!

Run Time: 1:49:06. Average pace: 8:19/mile

Triathlon Tip #4: Don’t wear a watch. Yes, I said it. I wear a watch on the bike for my nutrition but I will either take off my watch or not even look at it. The time is the time. You are RACING for heaven sakes. Who cares if your heart rate goes red line in a race! Suck it up Buttercup!!!

Final Time: 5:22: 47. I have to admit, I really wanted a 5:20 but if I stop baking a cake in transition maybe I could have gone under 5:20.

I had no idea where I was for the finish. I was so happy with all three disciplines that I didn’t care if I placed. I came to this race with some goals in mind and I did exactly that.

I went to my phone with IronTrac and this is what I found:

JPEG image-B41DCB180E7A-1
WHAT THE AWESOMENESS is this??? I freaking placed third! I get a BUFFALO. Not only did a placed 3rd in my Age Group, my husband, Chris placed 2nd in his age group and we both qualified for 70.3 Ironman World Championship but had to turn it down due to Ironman Mont Tremblant, two weeks prior to it.
Triathlon Tip #5: Chase those dreams. Dream Big. That success will be WAY worth it in the end.
My goal is #kona2015…it has been for a while. I always will go back to “The Alchemist” quotes…