Fundamentals Course Chat on Facebook Live

I am so so excited about my “Fundamentals Course to Triathlon”  because I get to put my knowledge all in one place for you all to succeed in your own triathlon journey. I look back at my triathlon journey and it has been almost 20 years since it started. #EEEEKKK.

For example, I did my first triathlon in 1993. I got my USA Triathlon Level I certification in 2001 and have maintained it for 16 years. I did my first Ironman Triathlon in 2002. I did 3 more Ironman Triathlons. Went back to school to get my Masters in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Exercise Science. I did 9 more Ironman Triathlons, including Ironman Hawaii.

After being in this field for 20+ years, I get to share my knowledge and experience with you all. As I said in the Facebook Live chat, my goal is “To empower 10,000 triathletes to get to the finish line with a smile.”

I hope you join me and take this journey in my “Fundamentals Course to Triathlon.”

I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I wanted to share my Facebook Live and the reason why I decided to do the “Fundamentals Course to Triathlon.”