#RulonTriTip of the Day | Week #1

As you know, I have been a huge fan of Instagram and Instagram Stories for the last 5 years or so. I got on Instagram pretty early in my business and I have really grown my brand and my business through Instagram. I have met some AMAZING athletes, friends and influencers on there.

What I have really enjoyed are the Instagram Stories and I have fun with it. It is pretty much the “Day in the Life of Coach Jen Rulon.”

On the Instagram Stories, I will chat about my everyday life, challenges that I may face as an athlete, a coach and a business owner, along with being goofy, talking about my people that I work with (Dr. JOHNNNNYYYY) and everything in between.

As I started looking at my survey, “What do Triathletes Need for 2018?”, (still open BTW), this is what I saw when I asked Question 11…

“What would you like to see more of on JenRulon.com blog?”

Holy crap! That is a TON about “Every Day Nutrition” along with Strength Training AND Mindset but I thought to myself, “How can I help triathletes and their own journey, when I ONLY do weekly blogs?” I reached out to my Instagram Community as I wanted to figure out how to put together different tips throughout the week. We all chatted about two posts a day, stories but how do you keep them as they expire after 24 hours and then…a light bulb turned on for me that day and this is what I came up with:

  1. Bring back #RulonTriTip of the Day (365 tips by the end of the year. BAM!)
  2. Place the #RulonTriTip of the Day in the “Highlight” real on Instagram.
  3. Download the weekly #RulonTriTip of the Day on my YouTube Channel.
  4. Embedded that YouTube video on Monday for the following week!
  5. BAM!

Yes, I know it is Wednesday but I present to you, the first week of #RulonTriTips of the Day!

IF you don’t want to wait on a weekly basis to get my “Rulon Tri Tips of the Day,” head on over to my Instagram Stories NOW!

I hope the “Rulon Tri Tips of the Day” will help you with your journey for 2018!