As an athlete and coach, I am VERY particular with not only my clothing but also how I was them. When I learned about Stretch Athleisure Wash, I tried them out and absolutely LOVE the product and how it takes care of my clothing.

One of my favorite things to do in my business as an athlete and as a coach is to work with brands and companies. About two months ago, I chatted with you about brands and how I feel some of the best practices are about working with brands as an athlete, coach and a business owner. Check the blog out HERE.

In this blog, I also shared about how I became a HUGE fan of Stretch Athleisure Wash and the connection I made with the company. In today’s blog, I want to share with you WHY I use it and HOW I use it!

Why do I use Stretch Wash?

I am SUPER picky with my clothing, bikinis, delicates, lululemon athletica gear and my Rulon Racing Epix Gear.

Since using Stretch, I realized a lot of the instore detergents do not rinse completely out of clothing fibers, so then it causes the breakdown of your stretch and the elasticity of your clothing. I see that with some of my older lululemon. I have worn it so much BUT then I washed it with Tide.

The great thing about Stretch is that it completely rinses out. It will remove:

  • Nasty Sweat
  • Body oils
  • Soil
  • Chlorine

Just to let you know, that Stretch is made with organic ingredients! Forever Wash, which makes Stretch Athleisure Wash, has been around since 1973 and I LOVE how the original detergent, Forever Wash was developed in a small kitchen.

How do I use Stretch Athleisure Wash/Forever Wash Products?

And here you go. I made it very simple for you!

Five Ways to use Stretch Athleisure and Forever Wash Products:

  1. Wash your cute swimsuits and bikinis with the liquid form of Stretch.
  2. Wash your lululemon clothing with the liquid form of Stretch, hang dry or light dry with NO fabric softener!
  3. Stretch Spray is PERFECT for your stinky long run shoes, cycling helmets, cycling shoes and yoga mats!
  4. Wash your Epix Gear Rulon Racing Kits with Stretch Grandular or Forever Wash Grandular.
  5. Take the Stretch Spray wash with you when you travel to an Ironman Triathlon or any race for that matter. Why? You know how NASTY your cycling helmet and shoes are, along with your running shoes. Spray on the Stretch Spray AFTER the race.

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My birthday is October 27th and I just want to say Thank YOU for being a part of my world. In return, providing some goodies from my world!


AUTHOR: Jen Rulon

I’m Jen Rulon, A Triathlon Coach And A Public Speaker. I’ve been coaching USA Triathlon Level 1 for 16+ years and I’ve received my Masters in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. I train triathletes to reach their potential and coach triathlete coaches to successfully grow their businesses using my own proven methods. My knowledge has been featured in Triathlete Magazine, Runners World, on the TEDx Stage, the Health and Wellness Expo in San Antonio, TX, Men’s Journal Online, and the New York Times. I also practice what I preach — I’m a 14x Ironman Triathlete who participated in the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on October 14, 2017.

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