Why do you, Tri?

To improve health, to relieve stress, to challenge yourself… the list goes on and on.

We have heard so many reasons over the years for why people come to this sport. I love how, even with different goals, lifestyles, backgrounds, and motivations for being part of this sport. We can all stand (or tread water) side by side at the start line ready to start the journey that each event brings together.

When I joined this sport over a decade ago, I had no idea where this sport would take me or the life lessons and friendships it would bring me but for me my why was “why not” I just wanted to see what was possible.

My name is Bobby Smith. I am a Triathlon/Multisport coach alongside Jen Rulon coaching athletes for Rulon Racing. I came to Rulon Racing looking to continue to learn and grow while part of a team dedicated to ENJOYING all that this sport has to offer. I loved that Jen’s mission statement was to get athletes to cross the finish line with a smile.

This reminded me both as a coach and athlete that for the majority of the triathlon community this sport is a hobby and that even when we are challenging ourselves to our physical and mental limitations, we need to have FUN.

Being part of Rulon Racing team has brought me the joy of gaining new friends and teammates that give me daily inspiration and motivation to keep working hard and having fun each week.

Going into 2020 we are adding a new element to the Rulon Racing group. In addition to our Rulon Racing 1:1 coached athletes, we are adding a Rulon Racing Club so we can continue to help more athletes cross the finish line with a smile.

The Rulon Racing Club will be an excellent opportunity for athletes not looking for direct coaching but want the be part of a like-minded community prepared to work hard, learn, and have fun.

The Rulon Racing Club will have access to most of the great benefits of our current race team including team/club racing uniforms and gear, monthly educational video seminars, sponsorship deals, a private facebook group and a great group of athletes and coaches learn from.

Let’s have some fun together in 2020!

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