About Jeff:

I am a husband to Tamara, a father to Lillie (18) and Adam (14), an anesthesiologist for the Marshfield Clinic, and an aspiring triathlete since 2012 when I did my first sprint triathlon.

1. How long have you been working with Jen and what do you like about having Jen as your coach?

I have been working with Jen since the fall of 2014.  I like working with Jen because she keeps me accountable while realizing that life happens.  Even now, I continue to improve, despite triathlon not being my only focus.  I also appreciate that she emphasizes finishing with a smile.

2. What races are you doing this season?

Ironman St George in May – climbing legs currently loading

Possibly 70.3 Des Moines if work allows

Ironman Wisconsin – back to where it all started

3. What are your goals for this season?

– Finish my 9th and 10th Ironman Triathlons (with smiles)

– Have a full complete “race” – for me, that means putting together a marathon run that makes me proud

– I am still chasing that elusive 12-hour finish

4. What is your favorite and least favorite discipline?

I like all of the disciplines, otherwise, I wouldn’t be competing in triathlons.

I generally like running the best, though it was not always that way – my Achilles heel is having a good run after swimming and biking.

I suppose that my least favorite is swimming because of the work required to improve for only marginal gains in a race.

5. What do you do to work on your weaknesses?

I have been focusing on strength training and working with Coach Bobby to improve my cycling.  Things hardly ever get better when you ignore them.

6. What are your favorite go-to meal post-workout and post-race?

After a workout, I prefer Fairlife Chocolate milk.  After a race, I really like a good burger and a margarita.

7. What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout depends on my mindset and the time of year – I have favorite swim (outdoor pool swims in the sun), bike (Power testing – short, difficult, shows progress), and run (early morning runs while the sun is rising) workouts.

8. What is your bucket list race/race destination?

Aside from the obvious answer of a trip to Kona for the World Championship, I someday hope to be chosen in the lottery to compete in the Norseman.

9. Who is your triathlon idol?

This is a tough question.  I think the Midnight finishers are my ultimate idols.  Those folks know that they are going to be out there all day racing only against the clock and the voice inside their head telling them that they won’t make it.  The spirit that those folks show is really what triathlon is all about.  

In the same vein, my favorite pro is Jan Frodeno.  It is not because of his history of domination, but rather his drive to finish his race even when the day wasn’t going his way.  He displayed that at the world championships a few years back.  He gave respect to the race, to the distance, and to the other competitors.  

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