Celebrate With Me! 4 Birthday Giveaways 🎂

As an athlete and coach, I am VERY particular with not only my clothing but also how I was them. When I learned about Stretch Athleisure Wash, I tried them out and absolutely LOVE the product and how it takes care of my clothing.

One of my favorite things to do in my business as an athlete and as a coach is to work with brands and companies. About two months ago, I chatted with you about brands and how I feel some of the best practices are about working with brands as an athlete, coach and a business owner. Check the blog out HERE.

In this blog, I also shared about how I became a HUGE fan of Stretch Athleisure Wash and the connection I made with the company. In today’s blog, I want to share with you WHY I use it and HOW I use it!

Why do I use Stretch Wash?

I am SUPER picky with my clothing, bikinis, delicates, lululemon athletica gear and my Rulon Racing Epix Gear.

Since using Stretch, I realized a lot of the instore detergents do not rinse completely out of clothing fibers, so then it causes the breakdown of your stretch and the elasticity of your clothing. I see that with some of my older lululemon. I have worn it so much BUT then I washed it with Tide.

The great thing about Stretch is that it completely rinses out. It will remove:

  • Nasty Sweat
  • Body oils
  • Soil
  • Chlorine

Just to let you know, that Stretch is made with organic ingredients! Forever Wash, which makes Stretch Athleisure Wash, has been around since 1973 and I LOVE how the original detergent, Forever Wash was developed in a small kitchen.

How do I use Stretch Athleisure Wash/Forever Wash Products?

And here you go. I made it very simple for you!

Five Ways to use Stretch Athleisure and Forever Wash Products:

  1. Wash your cute swimsuits and bikinis with the liquid form of Stretch.
  2. Wash your lululemon clothing with the liquid form of Stretch, hang dry or light dry with NO fabric softener!
  3. Stretch Spray is PERFECT for your stinky long run shoes, cycling helmets, cycling shoes and yoga mats!
  4. Wash your Epix Gear Rulon Racing Kits with Stretch Grandular or Forever Wash Grandular.
  5. Take the Stretch Spray wash with you when you travel to an Ironman Triathlon or any race for that matter. Why? You know how NASTY your cycling helmet and shoes are, along with your running shoes. Spray on the Stretch Spray AFTER the race.

Since this week is my birthday week, I LOVE to give back. I am doing a couple of giveaways on a couple of different platforms (Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook and on my newsletter!)

What am I giving away? Things that I LOVE or use on a daily basis!

  • Stretch Athleisure Wash Goody Package
  • lululemon athletica gift card
  • Rulon Racing Hat with a Stretch Athleisure Wash Sample!
  • Starbucks Gift Card with my book, “Life Lessons of an Athlete,” a Stretch Athleisure Sample and a Rulon Racing Beanie!

If you are interested in all of those Giveaways, here are the links to the different platforms that I have going on!

Coach Jen Rulon Instagram Page:

Rulon Racing Instagram Page:

Jen Rulon Facebook Page:

Jump on My Newsletter for the Giveaway:

My birthday is October 27th and I just want to say Thank YOU for being a part of my world. In return, providing some goodies from my world!


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My Digital Detox Challenge

As an online triathlon coach, I try to be in full access for my athletes but I also have to set boundaries. Sometimes, those boundaries get broken but for the most part, my athletes do a great job of understanding that I have a life as well. And I truly thank them for that.

About two months ago, I had to do it. I had to drop off the face of the earth for 24 hours. I was exhausted. I was overwhelmed. I was actually hating my phone and computer. It was with me constantly and it was getting to be too much.

Sometimes staying away from our smartphones for just a few minutes is difficult, but did you know that separating yourself from your digital gadgets and life can improve your life a great deal. It’s more than likely that if you are reading this article, your smartphone is lying within reach of you. These days our smartphone is our best friend that we can’t be separated from, not even for an hour or so. It’s an extension of us, we’re always ready to grab it when it we hear a ding or a vibrate from a text. Apart from our phone, we spend more and more time on digital devices, probably much more than 2 hours in a day. There is a steady flow of incoming messages, social media connections and phone calls.


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The 5 Feels of Ironman World Championship 🌺

The 5 Feels of Ironman World Championship 🌺

Ironman Kona week this week and I am feeling a bit nostalgic about seeing everyone in Kona this year. Why? Let’s look at the word, “nostalgic.” According to Google Dictionary, nostalgic comes from nostalgia, which means:

“a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.”

Friends, last year when I qualified for Ironman Kona, it was such a happy place and time in my life. I was able to share it with Chris, my husband, my Mom and her dear friend, my bestie, Krista and her friend and the WHOLE FUCKING WORLD, who followed me in my Ironman Triathlon Journey through being a friend of mine since 1989, to social media platforms, to my team, Rulon Racing and many other avenues in my 28 year journey to Ironman Hawaii.

On my run this past week, I started thinking about the “feels” of Kona and what it was like to be there. I came up with “The 5 Feels of Ironman World Championship” and the breakdown is very simple. You have seen the five feels before, which are technically the five senses of perception or sense but I will call them “feel” because when you land in Kona, I can guarantee those “feels” are real.

I won’t go through EVERY day of Kona and the breakdown of 140.6 but I will give you my thoughts and you will see a great video at the end of all of those feels:

The Sights

  • Coming off the plane and seeing an “Aloha” sign
  • The ocean blue color
  • The bright orange as the sun is setting
  • The Queen K road that you see many times driving and riding
  • Maui in the distance off of Havi
  • The UNBELIEVABLE sight of running down Ali’i Drive
  • The very fit people doing the Ironman World Championship and “Holy Shit, I am one of them.”
  • Seeing the legends of Mark Allen, Dave Scott, Paula Newby Fraser, Karen Smyers to name a few
  • The beautiful locals and their generosity
  • The palm trees swaying in the wind
  • The finish line to Ironman World Championship
  • Seeing a turtle when swimming after the race
  • The butterflies on the race course and as I am leaving Kona

The Smells

  • The ocean air
  • The breeze of salt (maybe the ocean air)
  • The sunscreen before the race
  • The port-a-potties before, during AND after the race
  • The Hawaiian flower
  • The Kona coffee brewing every morning in your condo
  • The smell of bacon for your breakfast (Oh wait, that is anywhere in the world)

The Sounds

  • The crashing of the waves
  • The Seagulls
  • The cheering at the finish line
  • The wind out on the Queen K
  • The dolphins underneath the water
  • Hearing Mike Reilly say to you, “Jennifer Rulon. You Are an Ironman.

The Tastes

  • Kona Coffee
  • The salt on your lips from the ocean swim
  • The EFS Pro getting warm at mile 90 on the bike and washing it down with COLD WATER!
  • A glass of wine after a finish.
  • The amazing fresh food on the island.
  • The Acai Bowl the day after.

The Touch

  • Holding on to the coffee boat during your practice swim
  • With your feet in the sand
  • Of you sunkissed skin from race day
  • Of ocean water flowing over your body during the 2.4 miles
  • Of your husband, family and friends loving on you as you are about to pass out and stink but they still hug you anyway.
  • Of soreness on your body after you wake up the next day from racing your dream!

While this next “sense” may be something that others have came up with, it is something that I need to use because it is very hard to put it in words:

The Feels

  • My Higher Power surrounding me with gratitude, love and joy as I accomplished my 28 year old dream.

I could probably write down a TON more but I wanted to share a little video that Apple Photos and I put together. It pretty much explains it all.


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Why Did You Start Triathlons? ☺️

Happy October! I LOVE October because it is Ironman Kona, and it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! My husband said to me the other day, “Jen, it is a birth”day” for a reason, not a month.” HA! I said he was silly. It is my BIRTHDAY MONTH :)

With that said, please stay tuned to my newsletters AND Instagram, as I will be doing giveaways with Stretch Athleisure Wash, Rulon Racing and other goodies!

Alright, this blog is going to be short because I REALLY need your help!

I am writing an article for Training Peaks and I need to interview a few of you. This is what I need you all to do if you are interested in being a part of project for Training Peaks AND my blog!

Click HERE to fill out a simple Google Form by Sunday, October 7th! 

It will ask you three things:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Email (So I can follow up with you)
  3. Why Did you Start Triathlons?

That’s it! Currently, I am looking for 3 – 5 peeps for the Training Peaks article but I would also like to share your story on my blog and possibly another platform for 2019!

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10 Questions to Ask a Potential Coach 🔊

Since starting my triathlon coaching in 2001, the triathlon coaching space has changed DRASTICALLY from meeting clients to a weekly basis to chatting with them via phone, to FaceTime or Zoom Chats with triathletes all over the world. Honestly, I LOVE this change because now I get to coach athletes all over the world from Texas to Canada to Mexico to Sweden. My cup runneth over….

When hiring a triathlon coach, whether they meet you face to face or online, you are going to be shelling out some good cash.  Remember this is an investment for YOU because you want to improve. Right? I realized that NOT everyone may like the change of being completely online, so I started thinking about questions that you may want to ask a potential triathlon coach. And honestly, these questions could be good questions to ask for hiring ANY online coach.

Here are some typical questions you might like to use:

  1. How many years have you been coaching?
  2. How many athletes do you coach each year?
  3. Are your coaching sessions group based or individual sessions?
  4. What are your coaching credentials? (Masters Degree, USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Ironman University Coach, etc.)
  5. Are your coaching credentials up to date?
  6. Do you have your first aid or CPR and is it up to date?
  7. What type of sponsors do you work with if any?
  8. Who is your specific athlete that you work with?
  9. Do you have former athletes that I can contact or get a testimony from?
  10. What is the main reason why I should hire you?

Not all coaches will have certification, it really depends upon the area of coaching you are looking for. If the coaching is health related, then the coach should have some form of accreditation. If the coach offers self-publishing programs, then it only makes sense that they would have books published. I would check out those books for sure.

One of the biggest thing I need to emphasize is that it is important not to settle for the first coach you come across. Ideally you want to interview at least three different coaches. Always ask them for references.

Your coach will be working with you on a personal level and this is why it is important that you feel some type of connection with them. This will be very important if you have to have in-depth and possibly emotionally based conversations. If you feel that you can’t open up with them, your money is going to be wasted.

Any prospective coach is going to want to know your reasons for hiring a coach. Make sure your objectives and goals are clear, write them out in depth so you can explain them clearly. A potential coach should be expected to get interview and not be on the defense. If they do, as Jeff Foxworthy says, “Here’s Your Sign…”

Remember, you are hiring a coach for a reason. To improve and if you don’t want the feedback. Working with a coach is a two-way street. You need to know what to expect and you must be willing to take criticism as well as advice. Sometimes growing internally involves hearing things you really don’t want to.

I hope these questions help you as maybe you are looking for a coach heading into the 2019 triathlon season or ANY season for that matter.

Check out this chart that I put together to find out if you and I should be a fit? Super stoked about it! Click the photo to download it from my DropBox but it will ONLY work if you download it :) 






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