This post was originally written on May 12, 2015 and a lot of things have changed since then. As I started understand about branding, I realized that R2 would not be “understood” coming from Jen Rulon. So we went with Rulon Racing instead of R2. After chatting with a wonderful friend of mine, she gave me my clarity, which is what I needed at the time BUT here is the story about how the “owl” came about with Rulon Racing! 

Here is the story from May 12, 2015:

About 6 months ago, Chris and I were on our way back from Ironman Florida. We started talking about goals, dreams and what we wanted as individuals but also as a couple. Poor guy was in the driver seat and no where to go :) I pulled out the sticky notes, the markers and off I went…let me show you the sticky notes for Chris and I for the 1 year goals: Dreams do come true

I present to you our very own Triathlon Racing Team:

“R Squared Racing” or “R2 Racing”