About a month ago, I was interviewed by KEN5 and Savannah Louie about running safety, especially for women, as we understood what happened with the women runner in Iowa. See the interview below:

Savannah and I chatted about apps that can alert our love ones if we are not moving. Over the last few years, I have used Road ID when I am out on my bike or running in an unknown territory but that is the only app that I know. Here is the thing, you won’t see many photos of me out running with my phone, only with the GoPro. Why? My phone is too much of a distraction.

My priority is my run when I am running. My phone is too much of a distraction as it is. When I am running, I need to be an athlete. When I am home, I will be a coach.


After my chat with Savannah, I started thinking about my runs alone as a woman. I told her on the interview there are a few Rulon Rules that I do that may help you, if you must run alone and here they are:

Rulon Rules for Running Safety:

  1. Run in an area that you are very comfortable in and that you have a public space to go to if you are being followed. Run WITHOUT earphones.
  2. Always. Always. Go with your gut. There have been times that I have turned one way to only turn right back around because it didn’t feel right. I don’t care to find out what could have happened.
  3. Run during the daylight and if you must run early am or late pm, run with a friend!

It really sucks sometimes that we must deal with this, especially as women. (I am sure guys must deal with this as well). Running is my happy place and I don’t think that will ever change.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The other day, I reached out to my Instagram Peeps and asked them what they did if they when they were out running alone or any other advice that could help NOT only women but men as well. Here you go:

Elaina S. – When I run alone (80% of the time) I have my husband bike along as I run. Sometimes I run on the frontage road or meet up with one of my guy friends and we run around the lakes together.

Molly R. – I honestly got a dog to run with me so I’m not completely alone! I do bring my phone with me but only for safety reasons. I leave it on silent or airplane mode!

Lili R. – I stick to well-traveled trails and avoid residential neighborhoods. I’m honestly more afraid of a dog coming after me from an open garage than I am of a human. I also NEVER respond in any way to men who make lewd comments, even though sometimes I want to yell!!! Acknowledging jerks just gives them what they wanted. Hope these help 💕

Michele V. – Find and wear reflective gear!!! I use reflective skin spread, nontoxic and weather and sweat proof!!! Here is the link: https://www.safetyskinproducts.com/. And I agree NO EARBUDS!!! This is also important to listen to your body and nature as well, know your surroundings! Agree again w/ listen to your gut!!!

Regina – Always carry pepper spray!

Elisha – I have a small but incredibly loud whistle attached to my keychain – it draws a lot of attention and would help deter an attacker and keep an aggressive dog away too. Simple but effective tool!

Nicole M. – I have always run alone. I try to avoid night running now. But if it’s a lone trail, I carry pepper spray that comes with a hand strap. Made for runners. The canister is very thin and easily fits into a small hand grip. The Velcro strap wraps around the outer part of your hand. I recommend always carrying pepper spray or mace if you are trail running anywhere. Make sure you test the spray occasionally to practice using it. Also, never run with ear buds or anything that obstructs or dulls your senses and animal instincts.

Myrna C. – Don’t be predictable! Run different days and different routes

Jess M. – Love these RULES Jen. When I run alone, I usually leave a note at home for my husband or kids with the route. They know my routes by name ;) love all the other tips here too, especially reflective gear! And friends. Heck, running with friends is the very best therapy around!

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