IronZen with Coach Jen

Over the many years of training and Ironman racing, I realized that I have taken a different approach to Ironman training but I also believe that experience does wonders for the mind, the body and the soul.

Over many years of Ironman Triathlon Racing and Training, I have a different approach. I am very “Zen” with my ideas: coaching, and training. I am on an Ironman Zen Journey. I call it “IronZen.” (Thank you Rick!)

According to Webster Dictionary, Zen is a Japanese form of Buddhism that emphasizes meditation. Another definition from Urban Dictionary (if you call that a definition) states  “A total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind.”

As an 13x Ironman Triathlete and an Ironman Kona Finisher, I noticed things beyond the swim, bike, run and lifting of triathlon training:

  • How gorgeous and blue the sky was this morning.
  • A tightness in the back today…ease off on training.
  • How the butterflies are constantly around me, while I travel to my destinations.
  • How strong I am…mentally and physically.
  • How I am at peace with my life and my Ironman Journey.
  • How I am ready as I am heading into some hard triathlon training.

I  LOVE this part of triathlon training. I look at life and training as a whole and started appreciating it, as we should on a daily basis. Triathletes get caught up in the training, sleeping, eating, and more training for our event. There is a lot to think about going into your triathlon journey. I want to teach you BEYOND the world of swim, bike, run and lift.

Join me on the private FaceBook Page. I want to teach you how to start working on the mental training to your Triathlon Journey.  Just work hard. It will pay off. I promise you that but not only do you need to work hard physically, you need to work hard mentally! You may have IMTX coming up in 7 weeks or IMMT in 24 weeks. Where ever you may be in this journey. I am here to help.

~ Coach Jen