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Yes, I am a Self Publisher & Author.

It was the end of 2016, and I found an article about “How to Write an Ebook on KDP.” I looked at all the blogs that I had written, and a lightbulb turned on. I was asked so many times about strength training for the triathlete that I decided to write a book called “Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete.”

So later in 2017...

I had a speaking engagement in San Antonio at the Health & Wellness Fair and was able to put together a book called “Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete: Learning about life behind swim, bike, and run.” This was a fun book that I did.


Yes, I am an Author with a Publishing Company.

This is where “Self Motivation Strategies for Women” comes in. “Self Motivation Strategies for Women” was designed through passion, grit, and heart. While I had an editor and publisher that put together an outline, it truly made me realize that this has been how I have lived my life. I have always lived and loved with passion, grit, and heart.


Testimony from Frank Sole about “Self Motivation Strategies for Women” on Amazon:

“Jen’s encouragement is passionately dripping off the pages like tiny droplets of water to the dry mouth of an Ironman athlete. Breathe it all in, slowly, like the smell of the air after a summer storm. Her approach is a collection of timeless strategies that, once applied, have the ability to move you down the road to living your best life.”

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Self Motiation Strategies for Women - Jen Rulon

Self Motivation Strategies for Women: How to Achieve Your Goals to Transform Every Aspect of Your Life

Motivation is key to achieving any goal. Twenty years of experience as an Ironman triathlete and professional coach has taught author Jen Rulon all about motivation.

Rulon Rules - Jen Rulon

Rulon Rules: Strength Training & the Triathlete

You are an Ironman Triathlete, an Olympic distance triathlete, or a Sprint Triathlete who wants to learn how to get to the next level of your triathlon journey. Check out how to utilize strength training in your journey. 

Life lessons of an Ironman Triathlete - Jen Rulon

Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete: Learning About Life Beyond the Swim, Bike and Run

In “Life Lessons of an Ironman Triathlete,” Jennifer “Jen” Rulon, a triathlon coach and 15 x Ironman Triathlete (including Ironman World Championship), who has been dedicated to helping people reach their goals, explains how you can get your ultimate potential.

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