I am going to be very real with y’all. I don’t know how being a “Social Media Consultant” started, but maybe it started when I started getting an idea of growing my business online through social media.

I hired business coaches. I took the courses. I started getting good at social media, as I was beginning to gain clients from mostly Instagram. These clients were ranging from locally in San Antonio to Boston, New Jersey, New York to California, Canada, Mexico, and Sweden.

Brands and other coaches have started asking me how I did it. I put together an “Instagram Course for Health & Wellness Coaches” along with the “Master Your Coaching Business” Course, but people wanted help with content, how to do it, and do it for them.

I started putting together some contracts, ideas, and people began reaching out. So, yeah, being a consultant for other coaches and brands was born.

Should I come up with a fun name or something fancy? Probably but for now, let’s keep it simple.

If you are interested in working with me, whether it is Content Creation, Finding Your Pillars or anything Social Media related, please sign up below, so we can get on a call, and I can figure out what you need from me for your brand or your business!