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So you may be asking yourself, what kind of services do I offer?

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What do you offer?

  • Monarch Mindset Coaching

1:1 Coaching for 12 weeks with Jen Rulon


  • To find the better version of yourself 
  • Confidence to learn how to maintain that version 
  • Figure out what is blocking yourself to become that better version 
  • Having other women as accountability partners 
  • Goal Setting session with me 
  • Weekly 30-minute phone calls with me 
  • Accountability partner on Non Facebook Group 
  • Group discussion on Non Facebook Group
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  • Triathlon and Run Coaching
  • Healthy Movement Coaching

Triathlon & Run Coaching 

  • Premium Training Peaks 
  • 24/7 What’s App Support 
  • Weekly Check-In with Coach Jen 
  • Customize Weekly Training Plans 
  • Plan Adjustments due to schedule changes, injury, and travel 
  • Access to Rulon University 
  • Rulon Racing Instagram Page
  • $425 | first month only
  • $350 | Additional Months
  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment
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Healthy Movement Coaching

What to Expect:

  • A form is filled out, along with your goals and what you want to accomplish (Lose weight? Do a triathlon? Strength Workouts?)
  • Your three day food journal written out for me to review.
  • A one hour Zoom session with me.
  • Suggestions given for your "Healthy Movement" Journey.
  • Follow up in two weeks.

* Option to buy a 6 week course, Monarch Mindset Reboot*

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Hear from my clients

- Manuel Valencia

"Jen is a pure professional in every sense of the word. If you don’t have Jen in your life, you need to. Got Jen?!?!"

- Jessica Massay Owner, jump insights + planning

"So, I'm not a triathlete, but I am an athlete and have known Jen for years. She's inspirational for her athleticism and accomplishments for sure…but she is more inspirational for her heart, desire to help others, and willingness to share her story. Invite Jen to speak to your group, and she will tailor the presentation to connect and motivate others. She'll be honest, open, and make you think differently. She's a real breath of fresh air!" (From Facebook)

- Melissa Hecke Employee of Southwest Research Institute

"I have seen thousands of presenters in my 20-year career of providing technical support for some of the most intelligent and dynamic people in their chosen field of expertise at SwRI. I must say that THIS young lady impressed me off the charts!!! Wow...her personal Ironman Triathlon accomplishments, her desire to share her wisdom via coaching, and her desire to accomplish a Masters degree to understand better Human Performance truly set her amongst the cream of the crop!!! SHE IS AWESOME!" (From Facebook)

- Elizabeth Dinn Marsh Owner of Pediatric Therapy Specialist

"Thank you so much for today!! Our team loved it! Eric and I both appreciated how well you listened to our needs and researched our business. It was very evident in your talk."

- Kristin A Triathlete

“I recently watched your TedX video, which I thought was AWESOMELY motivating & a tear-jerker for me, as I lost my father a little over a year ago. “

- Jordan Clower

I really can't tell you how valuable this program & your guidance were for me. I've accomplished more in 12 weeks than I ever expected! I went from having an idea to standing up for my nutrition coaching in such a short time, thanks to your guidance and push! I would have talked myself out of so many points out of if I didn't have you in my corner pushing me in the right direction! The program has also helped me tremendously in my personal life as well. I've learned to go after the things I want & have confidence that I can accomplish my goals. Your program & coaching gave me the perfect mix of accountability & push while also teaching me to show myself grace in tougher times."

- Tara

Thanks for your fantastic coaching Jen and team members !!!! Especially important now to stay on track. It’s great that you are an athlete that can talk about other topics and knows about growing a business and a brand. Perfect match for me

- Stephanie

"My drive to achieve and succeed is higher. I see my energy changes, thoughts of being of service to the universe, and mostly awareness. My energy level is great. I have new ideas and a goal to be proud of what I am accomplishing in this world."

- Jessica

“This has been one of my favorite life coaching classes!!! Jen is just incredible! Not only does she keep you motivated, but she is also a sounding board for your ability to create a new wave in life. I have been so happy to create vision boards and mind maps and learn more about myself than I ever thought possible. Reach out to learn more; you won’t be disappointed!”

- Laura Haute

"Helped me with my swimming form and gain confidence in the water. She’s fantastic!!" (From Facebook)

- Travis Sursa

"I trained with Coach Jen for a couple of years about ten years ago. As a part-time coach, Jen successfully got me through several races with improved times, and consistent set of personal records and a strong Ironman finish. I had to end my triathlon racing after back fusion surgery. Last year, with approval from my doctors, I decided to return to the sport. So, I called Jen. Over the past 13 months, I’ve simply been amazed. During my time away, Coach Jen had committed to education and personal experience to become a full-time Super Coach." (From Facebook)

- Ana Voss

"From a non-swimmer to an All World Athlete. Our Journey as coach and athlete started in 2010 with a fun meeting at LifeTime Fitness pool when Coach Jen realized I couldn't swim to save my life, but I already paid for a half Ironman just seven months away. With hard work, tears, blood, fun, and dedication, she got me to finish my first triathlon ever, Longhorn 70.3 and we have been at it since then. In 2018, under her guidance, I had become an AWA, a dream of mine. She is kind and knowledgeable and she lifts you up and helps you through the bumps on the road to reach your goals. I couldn't have done it without her. Love Coach Jen" (From Facebook)

- Cristina Bergeaux

"Jen will make you believe you can do anything! She literally turned my can't into cans! She was there for me on my good days and got me through the not-so-good days. She adjusted my training to fit with being a wife, mom of 3, and an elementary school teacher! She helped me set goals and crush them! In return, I gained so much knowledge that I will carry with me through life. There is a fine line between coach and friend with this one." (From Facebook)

- David Lam

"Jen Rulon was my wife's coach for her ironman journey. As I watched as my wife quickly progressed from a person with very limited athletic abilities, to someone who began doing amazing athletic things. As my wife finished her first Ironman in AZ last year, I thought, WTH I am going to try this too! One major problem is that I am a very busy doctor and family man with little time to train. Thankfully, Jen understood the time demands and helped build a training program that would assure I could do the full ironman distance. Jen also was very helpful in modifying things if there was no way for me to get all the workouts in. By the time race day rolled around, I had no doubt that my body could handle the physical demands of doing an Ironman. On race day, Jen was literally a lifesaver at the beginning, middle, and end of the race. I won't bore you with the details, but my race day could have been catastrophic had she not been there to help me through. I recommend her to anyone who may be crazy enough to try triathlons." (From Facebook)

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