Who Is Rulon Racing?

We are a bunch of triathletes trying to chase our better selves through triathlon, duathlons and other endurance events.  We have done Sprint Triathlons to numerous Ironman Triathlons, even duathlons and everything in between. Here is what has been said being on the Rulon Racing Team:


“It’s Totally Wicked.”


Life is hard but the Rulon Racing team and this tribe help each other out during the shitty times but also the best of times!

Rulon Racing Team - Triathlon

Interested in Joining Rulon Racing?

Meet Our Team Athletes

We put together a bunch of BADA$$ Athletes, who are #Fearless in their own way!

Jeff Anderegg

Jeff Anderegg

2021 Races: IM CDA and WI

Jill Corrigan

2021 Races:
Kat Nichols - Athlete for Rulon Racing

Kat Nichols

2021 Races: IM 70.3 Lubbock
Ironman Choo

Are You Next?

2021 Races:

What is the story behind the owl?

Chris Fritzsching (Jen’s brother) and Jen were talking about racing team names, and he said…”What about “RuRu?” Jen laughed and told him, “People called me that at the gym.” Chris Fritzsching. said, “There are two Rulons, you and Chris, so why not have “RuRu Racing.” We were curious if “ruru” meant anything. Come to find out. It is the name of a Morepork owl, from the Maori Mythology.

Now, what is the meaning behind an owl? Native Americans associated the meaning of owl with wisdom, foresight, and transition.

As Coach Jen was putting the brand ideas together and organizing it all, she realized having “RuRu Racing” would be a little confusing with Jen Rulon Coaching.

So we kept the owl but decided to stay with #RulonRacing. Since Chris Rulon and Jen have been in the sport for 20+ years, we figured that we can offer a few things:

Our WISDOM through @coachjenrulon coaching.
Our FORESIGHT through our many years of racing.
To coach #triathletes through their own TRANSITION.

As a team, we can share each others wisdom, help each other with their transition and have the foresight of seeing each other fly on their race course!

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