Jeff Anderegg

Athlete Profile

Where were you born? Mason City, Iowa

Birthday: May 14th

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated: Married.

Kids? Pets? Two children, Lillie-18, Adam-14

Favorite TV show: Letterkenny, Brooklyn 99, Goldbergs

Staple Foods: Oats Overnight(chocolate peanut butter), grilled or baked chicken breast, Quinoa, Pepperoni

Favorite Music: 80’s and 90’s rock, alternative, and country

Favorite Vacation: Took a trip to Cabo San Lucas was able to surf and Deep sea fish. Maybe I’ll get back there for the Ironman someday.

Favorite Sports to watch: College Football, Go Hawkeyes!!!, Swimming at any level

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: Triathlon of course

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: Woodworking and Lawn care.

What inspired you to do triathlons? My kids and the feels you get when you hit that red carpet.

How did you start doing triathlons? I signed up for a local sprint triathlon and was immediately hooked.

When was your first triathlon? Rice Lake Wisconsin – Sprint

What is your strength in a race? I have a no quit attitude

What is your weakness in a race? In long distance races, running in the heat has proven to be my kryptonite.

Favorite Race: My favorite is the race that I almost DNF’d. Ironman Canada, 8500 feet of climbing on a 100 degree day. The course is absolutely breathtaking and yet soul-crushing, perfect for an Ironman! I hope to return someday on a day when we don’t get baked in an oven.

Races for 2019:

Ironman Santa Rosa and Ironman Arizona. I hope to fit in a sprint here and there and maybe a local 70.3

Jeff Anderegg