MaryBelle Ramos

Athlete Profile

Where were you born? Harlingen, Tx  

Birthday:  August 5th.

Married/ Single/ It’s Complicated:  Single.

Kids? Pets? No kids!  Two pup, Chloe (9yo poodle), Jackson (16 weeks mini schnauzer)

Favorite TV show: So many: Grey’s, Scandal, DWTS, The Voice (thanks for DVR)

Staple Foods:  Salads, hamburgers (after a long training day), cheese, veggies, berries, fruits.

Favorite Music: All kinds

Favorite Vacation: Beach life.

Favorite Sports to watch: Football pro/college

Favorite Sports to Play/Do: My workouts, play outside with my niece

Interest Outside the Triathlon World: Wine, shopping, family time, live music, quality time…

What inspired you to do triathlons? I was watching TV one day and thought I need to do that. Honestly, if my mom can live with pain everyday due to her RA, I can do this IM.

How did you start doing triathlons? Friends were doing them and I started with my road bike and then said why not add swim, bike, run. I knew it was for me when I would get emotional watching friends race. When I stop crying for it then I’ll know it’s time to retire.

When was your first triathlon? Trirock Sept 2015 Olympic distance

What is your strength in a race? I say the bike and I think my friends would agree.

What is your weakness in a race? The Run.

Favorite Race: IMTX, it was my first. When I came out from the finisher chute my 8yo niece ask if I would train her when she is old enough to race, that was the best part of the day.

Races for 2019:

  1. Ironman 70.3 Lubbock
  2. Ironman Louisville

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