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Jen Rulon working with The Core Diet 

I am BEYOND excited about this opportunity for you all! Some of you know that I have race day nutrition knowledge based on what I have used, along with what did not work for me. It has been trial and error. Heck, I even got the Masters Degree in Kinesiology. I really do have the basic idea about how it all goes down. But this is where this exciting opportunity comes in…

I have teamed up with The Core Diet and QT Systems. What do they offer? Click this link:



Race Day Nutrition Consult with Coach Jen 

After doing 13 Ironman Triathlons, I have learned quite a bit about “Race Day Nutrition.” I have done it all:

  • Power Bar attached to my bike
  • Tried things during a race, when I should have tried it in training
  • I didn’t eat enough
  • I ate too much
  • I used Power Bars, Gels, Hammer Nutrition, CarboPro, Infinite and now, I am on Generation UCAN.

Every one is different but let’s discuss what works for YOU and how we can figure out what you need for YOUR Race Day nutrition.

I charge $85 for 30 minutes to evaluate your race day nutrition, talk about what you need to take in versus what you are taking in and re-evaluate your nutrition plan if necessary. Check out my Vlog about “Ironman Race Day Nutrition.

Consult with Coach Jen
30 min Chat
We will "Zoom" Chat Face to Face!
Race Day Nutrition
Ironman Triathlon Training
70.3 Ironman Triathlon Training
You name it...
(Full Hour: $125.00)
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